Looking for friends

Hey there people of UMVC3 i’m looking for people about my level to play with ^^ i’m not bad or just starting but i’m not amazing eather i can do basic combos and a few advance [always trying to learn more but just can’t seem to get the real advance stuff.]

But mostly i’m not to good at the whole support play using my support to back me up and combo i prefure the good old fashion mostly one on one with some supports to help with combos now and then.

so if you think your about the same level or maybe a little worse or a little better [i don’t want to loose 100% of the time or win 100% of the time] feel free to post in this thread and will start a community of people who want to get better together ^^

What console are you on mostly?

There’s a matchmaking thread just below this one. People would be more than willing to play with you.

Isn’t this what you are suggesting…and it was right below yours.

i play on xbox360 ^^ and i made this thread because i’m new to this whole site thing @.@ and i saw the thread honostly but wanted to make a new topic so i could chat with people as well as look for people to play with, with out bothering other people in the thread

The whole point of that other thread is for new people like you to meet up on your respective console and level up…so how are you going to bother anyone?

o.o i guess i was just over worryed @.@ should i just copy and past my post over to there?