Looking for fun button mashing game?

hey everyone,
i’m Joe.i been a fan of fighting games since mortal kombat and street fighter 2.but i’m mostly a button mashing i don’t really know how to make the moves.and i mostly just push one button over and over.but my friend John from school is very good at soul calibur games.and i’m trying to find the right game that i’m good with.so anyone know any good button mashing with an ending evertime you beat the game.i think most fighting games have ending.but i trying to find something fun,easy that i can master.i’m looking for games on the gamecube,x-box,playstation one & 2,ds
thank you for your time.

mash ur dilz…


Semi-serious answer: If you’re only semi-serious about playing, it doesn’t really matter, but try Waku Waku 7, maybe some Pocket Fighter.

Or you could just mash ur dilz.

Bro, never offer a NeoGeo game to a masher and expect them to win. ESPECIALLY Waku7, Fernandeath is particularly stupid.

Yeah, Fernandeath is a pain, but it’s fun/fairly masher friendly. [EDIT: Unless you decide to explore Dandy-J + release his full potential. Stiill fun, just more work.]

Mash != win… never did…

Unless it’s ur dilz. Or maybe Eddy Gordo.

Doa 4

Smash Bros Melee

Naruto Narutimate Fighter 3

yeah, this gave me a good laugh

Not a fighter, but the king of all button mashers, Mach Breakers!

Poket fighter. Just mash 3 buttons and collect gems and stuff.

Dead or Alive… Mortal Kombat… ok



Barbie Horse Adventures

Come On Baby, ever play that?

Track and Field.
Beatmania. Haha, good luck on that one.

Hungry Hungry Hippos.

wins thread


aside from that, doa4 (but not online)

Really, the heart of the post.

Seriously, if there is a fighting game that you can “master” by only pressing one button, well I’d like to just off myself right now.

EDIT – wow it appears hungry hungry hippos wins the thread