Looking for fundamentals Tutor



Wasn’t sure if it would be frowned upon to necro the existing thread as its over 2 months old, so have made a new thread! (If it is better off in the other thread could a mod merge it in there?)

I’ve been playing street fighter for years, while I’ve generally been better than all my friends, I realise that there is an awful lot more to the game than what I know. I need to go back and learn the fundamentals, proper combos, footsies and perhaps most importantly how to block.

I aim to main Akuma, which is why I’ve come here seeking help. I don’t need specific Akuma advice this early on, but it may well lead to that!

I got myself an Arcade Stick at xmas, and I’d say I’m up to the same standard, if not a tad better than I was when using a pad. I can do all of Akuma’s moves no problem etc.

So Yeh, looking for a fundamentals tutor, on PSN or PC in the UK.

much love!

  • Kuniku