Looking for gaming partners in Tokyo

Hi everyone.

I live in Tokyo for a little bit more that 2 years now, and I am a fan of Guilty Gear.

My problem is that I am far from being a j-gamer… so I got my ass rocked on pretty baddly in the arcades (and its not fun going there alone). I would like to know if there are others like me, so we could gather somewhere and practice together.

I am 26yo, and none of my japanese friends is into fighting games. (they are more like thinking about marriages and babies… hopeless brainwashed society!:arazz: )

So if someone Lives in Tokyo, is over 20 and feels like having a good beer arround a ps2 running GGXX#R, please give me a sign!:wgrin:

tokyo crew, check in~

You may want to hit up Bucktooth. He is living in Tokyo right now.

hey, ill be moving to yokohama in a few weeks…i mostly play 3s and mvc2 but im down for beer n gaming anyday, hehe.

y’kno, i was wondering if srk would add a matchmaking section for int’l ppl. that way we’d have a place to post instead of clogging up FGD. just a thought…

great! basicaly, I like GG the best, but any 2D fighter is ok! Yokohama is 30min form Tokyo anyway! I am in Kichijoji BTW.

That is basically what I was looking for when I registered to this forums (a guy on gamefaqs.com told me that there is one). I couldn’t find it, so I just posted it here…

I think you are doing yourself a disservice by not attempting to better yourself to where you would be able to hold your own in game centers.

You have an opportunity in Japan to play in a great, high level, competitive fighting game environment. You could sit around the sofa playing PS2 and drinking beers in America or wherever.

I currently mostly only play TRF2, but I have gotten into GGXX/ for lack of TRF2 competition in my area. I have only started learning Slayer, but already, I find there are other GGXX players I can beat. Not everyone in Japan is some super high level Tougeki champ. There are plenty of Japanese newbies for you to play against, especially in GGXX.

If you want to play GGXX, one of the best places I’ve found is B1 of Ikebukoro’s GIGO. They have about 7 GGXX/ machines lined up, so if you lose, you can go to a different machine and try another player. Try going on off hours if you want weaker opponents.

Nakano Tokyo Ranking Fighters (ttp://www.trftrf.com) also has a ton of GGXX machines, and will often have “learner’s events.”

Why, this Friday (12/30) actually, they have a 900yen GGXX freeplay from 12:00~3:00, and an intermediate level players rally from 4:00.

thanks for the info, I am going to Nakano’s free play this friday. But the sad part is that I am going alone…

look… I dont play fighting games to reach a national super competition tougeki level. I just do it for fun. Playing alone against 15 years old high schoolers in the arcades is ok for 30min… but not more for me.

I saw that some user on this borad were living in Japan, I just thought we could meet to have a drink and a few game matchs. that’s all.

For fun?

Sounds like you need to learn how to Play to Win.

i dont mean to turn this thread into a gaming philosophy debate…but straight up, the reason why ppl play games is to have fun. whether you have fun making combos, money matching, playing tourneys, or competing casually…it all comes down to what makes it fun for you.

personally, i would like to train with the best but im also down for casuals anyday. to me, the best part of gaming is meeting the different ppl in the fighting game community. plus my main focus for being in japan is to work and promote my dj career so i cant [and dont care to] practice gaming 24/7.

anyways, does anyone know if theres free play or 900yen nights for capcom arcades? specifically gamers vision?

agreed. I like to meet to people in the fighting community, but I prefer when they are not 13 years younger than me… (the conversation becomes usualy difficult… as I dont give a **** what he learnd at school today, and he thinks that “Clitoris” is a Pokemon… in other words: Generation Gap is NOT fun!)

That is why I started this thread, as in:
Does Anyone who is OVER 20 fancy having a few beers whiles playing 2D fighters in Tokyo?

Yes: cool! let’s do it!
No: oh well!, I’ll just buy the “play to win” book and keep on playing with midgets in arcades talking about my level 99 Clitoris pokemon card!:wgrin:

It looks like it may be a good book. Anyone read it? His articles are usually pretty good reads I think. Is there anything in the book not on the website?

Yo’ I live 12 minutes from Ikebukuro statsion and I’m off from…

Yo’ I live 12 minutes from Ikebukuro station on the yamanote line. I’m off until the 3rd of next year and was gonna go down to Nakano anyway tomorrow and I get paided! So the “free play” is a plus! (3-Hit Combo) Get at me! Just text me at sk8mail@docomo.ne.jp that my keitai!

pfft play for fun? ur in fucking tokyo…become a top player or youre doing a disservice to srk lol.

Atryu - sorry we never got a chance to meet up when I was there. If its any consolation, I still suck at GG. No plans, but I’ll send you a line if I return there anytime soon. I got a girl at Oji-eki that will give me a place to crash if I can arrange another trip, so here’s to hoping.

. . . says the person with a high school girl in his avatar.

And if you think most of the people that play at game centers are 15 year old high school students, you are not going to the right place. Most players I’ve met at game centers are older than me, in their mid-to-late-twenties.

The majority of people who play at game centers AREN’T trying to reach a national high level for Tougeki, they’re just trying to win and stay on the machine–for fun. If you talked to more people that played, you’d discover that most fighting game regulars at arcades have never played in a tournament before.

everywhere, i think that’s really competitive, has a few young kids (15-18), mostly early adult (19-25), then a few older than that

in NY, Cali, and Philly, where I’ve played before… that’s a common trend…

and isn’t daigo really old? (when i say really, i mean pushing 30)?

Well look, It would be nice if everyone could hook up one day in tokyo someday. Prolly after New Years. And if we keep it up maybe…just maybe SRK would give us an international thread… God knows we need one!

So how was the freeplay in Nakano?

@everyone: The freeplay at nakano was pretty cool… but only two machines running slash. (I got my ass kicked badly though)

@monkey77: yeah! that would be cool! I will check on other events in nakano or akiba’s sega center.

@Toodles: I was there from 1pm to 2:20 with 2 other foreigners (my friends from geneva) thanks for the mail add, but you shouldn’t put it on the open forums, it’s gonna get spammed to death! (try to send it by pm next time…)

Anyway, I figured that I still have a loooong way to go to compete with japanese on GG… I played at shinjuku’s “MORE” on saturady, and got rocked on by 4 perfects in a row (2 by a robo ky and 2 by a maaaaAAD eddie)

It’s not really good training that way… the level in nakano is more like me. I am going snowboarding this weekend, but I’ll be down at nakano every saturday afternoon from next week.

:confused: :rofl: Uhh, you’re confused somewhere. We tossed emails back in July I think about gaming when I was spending time in Asakusabashi.