Looking for gaming partners in Tokyo

right… I though you couldn’t meet up in nakano for the freeplay…:sweat:

…as for the email story, it was to monkey77…

(mixed everuthing up… sorry, but I wasn’t really fresh when I posted that…)

I wish this forum was here back in December, oh well… Any of you see how Fist of North Star/Dragonball/Tekken 5 is doing over there, and where is the real comp at? I am going back to Japan(not soon enough! October… for about a month) I want my second trip to be the one where I get served!


I can take you there and if you have a Nintendo DS on you bring Mariokart so you can get served damn near eveywhere! The wireless connection here is INSANE!!!

So how many people do we have from SRK playing fighting games in Tokyo right now? There seems to be quite a few foreign players of Tekken or VF at Nishispo, but that’s really all I ever see.

On weekends, I’m usually in Nishispo, HEY, or TRF.