Looking for gen xbl players

decent sagat here looking for good gen to spar and practice with. my gamer tag is specks n reds on xbl

yeb mostly, he is the best gen player ever, but you could search the forums to find more.

I thought Jibbo was.

I think its debatable but imo from what I’ve seen on both of them if I had to choose it would be yeb. Just seems to have slightly better execution. Though I watched Jibbo at evo during a couple matches and I dunno if he was nervous or what but he was really messing up a lot. Thats really all I’m going off of though. And I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve seen a video of Yeb whiffing anything. Maybe he got lucky and only got recorded on his good matches. I dunno.

did you see jibbos’s money matches? man he was on fire!, he was doing mk hands>mk hands fadc mk hands>mk hands, he was doing that combo as easy, as doing a hadouken, im dead serious.
But yeah the nerves caught him when it comes to play at evo.

Alright here comes the excuses I have for Evo. I was holding back on saying anything about it but whatever… Sorry to derail the thread but…

  • The main thing was I didn’t have my own stick that I usually use. It was acting all kinds of fucked up for the last couple months so when roundhouse and the left direction stopped working completely I had to use a friend’s stick. I’m used to square with his being octagonal. The button layout felt unfamiliar although it’s the same type. Not to sound like a dick but that first match everybody saw me play on the live stream was just me trying to adjust to all the different settings I had going on.

  • Notifications on the tv fucked up gekiro timing. Game would lag everytime. That pissed me off kinda cause I lose the follow up jump in. My first match when I made it out of pools I had to play a gief player. He was good but I felt like I had too many handicaps involuntarily put on me, and that was one of them. He would jump, I’d hit him with gekiro and get two hits then “YOU DID NOT EARN A TROPHY” would pop up and the game would skip. Not to mention cover up my life bar. That was kinda whack.

  • Not really any sound on the tv’s. I usually react to sound faster and more reliably than I react to sight. Whatever was on the big screen trumped what you could barely hear anyway. Also LCD screens felt different to me compared to CRT’s. Not implying there was any lag, but I’m just used to a certain look.

  • Wasn’t sleeping good at all. 4 day bus ride non stop.

  • Nerves were there too, but that’s nothing new. Everyone gets nervous.

  • All things combined it’s really unnerving to have little things happen during the match that you feel shouldn’t at that very moment. That’s a hard thing to fight against, knowing that you’re in a position that you normally wouldn’t be or wouldn’t have been if things were different, i.e having the stick I’m comfortable with.

But yeah… :wasted: Evo was a great event, but overall I didn’t have a good time. A lot of unfortunate things happened to me (shit stolen, played like ass in 3rd strike, going on a super tight budget, team tournament drama, etc etc), but I’ll come back next year ready.

I don’t think we should compare JiBbo and yeb. They are very different, and basing JiBbo from what anyone saw at evo is injustice, unless you’re talking the money matches.

JiBbo is quite an animal though. :wow:

Oh and LCD tvs definitely have a different look compared to crts, it’s not just you. I’m not sure if it’s just the aspect ratio or the vastly increased definition, or both, but the difference is there. If I played on a crt again I’d prolly get weirded out too.

Yea, I believe all that would mess with you pretty bad. just sitting in front of your own tv for months playing street fighter in the same spot, then try moving a couple feet closer or farther away from your tv will mess you up.

I know I’m not the best with Gen, but you can add me on xbox if you’re up for a fight. If I am playing SF4, feel free to send invites =D

Sa’ll good Jibbo. They definitely learned from last year so hopefully next year they’ll just have everything already unlocked without having to resort to hacks or whatever the hell they did. I was just lucky enough to not have to deal with any skips during play. The tournament itself was ran efficiently but the equipment they used to run the tourney was not worthy of a worldwide once a year event. Evo got lazy with equipment and it cost the players.

add this guy, he has a good gen. sup dude I knew your name looked familiar.