Looking for good arcades in downtown LA

What’s the best arcade in downtown LA for fighting games (Especially Street Fighter?)

I’ve found three, Japan Arcade, Family Fun Arcade, and California Fun Zone.

Are any of these notably better? Is there another secret arcade somewhere around?

Thanks in advance.

From what I heard (if you’re in that area), ffa is all you need.

yo, cake! if you can make the drive to denjin it’s worth it. might be a st and remix tourny at denjin next weekend. i shy away from ffa because it mostly has american stick setups, i don’t know if that’s still the case though.

people still get down with anniversary edition at ai if you’re looking to play sf2. if you want sf4 i think ai has the most competition aside from denjin.

hit me up if you want to carpool to an arcade sometime.

Why not check the other threads? All the LA arcades have problems. Pick your poison or get ready to drive somewhere else.

DENJIN! (near LA)

Correction: Family Fun Arcade is near like… Van Nuys kind of. A bit more than 30 minutes northwest.

Family Arcade is the one next to LACC, and that place is… eh. They have nice SF4 cabinets though.

go to denjin
dont go to ffa

WERD! its in granada hills… they also sell arcade parts there too!! ,FYI