Looking for good fei's {PSN}



im an alright fei long player… currently looking for some players thats good with him since i want to practice with him and learn u strategies with him…




im in the US


Ok, sorry, I’m pretty good but I don’t about the connection. Majority of the US players have a bad connection for me, I’m in Sweden so…


oh well i have good connection for sure… u wanna give it a try?


Hit me up, I could use a break from random battles.

Like right now


ii then i guess ill play u… but u on xbox or ps3… at the moment on i dont got my ssf4 for xbox


Ah what a waste. Xbox only bud.


lol damnn… but when i get my ssf4 for xbox back ill be happy to play u… just send me a friends request on my GT


I like to think I’m good/decent, feel free to add me on PSN. Though I’m not too sharp lately, bought a new PS3 controller, and trying to break it in. It’s giving me a hard time more than my old one…


I’ll play you. I’m from Harlem so the connection should be great.


ii thats good then… just hit me up on my PSN


jamted_12 is my psn


You can add me if you want… i’ve been playing nothing but adon lately though so my fei’s probly D rank again haha

I can give you some adon match experience too if u want. I’m west coast btw


well, I’ve got exactly 10000bp with fei, so I guess I’m ok. Hit me up whenever.