Looking for good HDR players

I’ve been fiddling around with HDR since it came out. I have an alright Bison by now. I can easily beat most of the online players, and I usually hold my own against SRKers.

Playing against random people in player matches, or even Ranked, usually tends to be mindlessly boring, and can even be detrimental as I rely on really crappy strategies and form bad habits -> HK scissors kick at point blank range, hoping to get the throw, for example.

I occasionally get lucky and find a room with Damdai, DGV or Afro Legends in it, and I’m definitely not “there” yet (though I beat Damdai’s Ken once the other night!). I walk into those matches, feel woefully unprepared, and promptly get my ass beat without learning much other than “I hate Dee Jay”. So, basically, I’m looking for people around my skill-level, or better, that are willing to take the time to regularly practice or even teach me some of the finer points, and hopefully get me to where I am not completely embarrassing myself in the better rooms.

These are the people I usually try to play with, and can generally take a round every match (if I forgot anyone off my friend’s list, sorry, it’s late!) :

Honda - EA Megaman/Mad Possum
Blanka - Empirion/Gishdeath/Papichao
T Hawk - Snake Eyez/Kuroppi
Fei Long - Jumpsuit
Chun Li - MongoloRobokop
Dhalsim - SweetJV

If you feel you’re around that level, please look me up. I’m on Eggo’s list, but most of the time, those guys are in Ranked. Please note, I’m in Western Canada, so my ping to the East Coast tends to be mediocre at times (120~200).