Looking for good Kansas players


I live in Kansas and I am looking for other players who also live in Kansas who wants to practice locally with me, and who wants to expand their skills. My ultimate goal is to travel with the best among the players of Kansas and attend many tournaments! But first thing’s first, I need to find players in Kansas whom are good and serious enough to play, practice, and attend tournaments. If you are reading this and if you live in or near Kansas and you have the same goal and passion as myself then please feel free to reply or send me and pm. I will then contact you and share my contact info and gamertag with you so we can start moving forward! I will reply to everyone who answers back to this message but please make sure that you are willing to practice hard and that you are willing to travel and compete in tournaments and that you are of proper age to do so freely! Please if you are from KC and you are reading this comment or reply back to this post we need to get the ball rolling and jump start the FGC in KC. Oh and just a side note I play Soul Caliber V, MK9 and as soon as it is released this Monday at Midnight I will be playing Injustice.


I don’t know if anybody still messes with MK9 or Soul Cali, but you may find a couple guys willing to play some Injustice. We have decent UMvC3, KOF, and Tekken players if you have any interest in those games.


Ok cool sounds good to me. How many of you compete?


We have about 10-15 people that show up to hookups consistently, and our monthlies average about 30-40 people. I think we’re also sending 10 of our finest to UFGT this year. I personally won’t be able to attend due to training at my new gig, but I’m looking to hit up a couple of majors this year once I get the particulars sorted out.


Nice that sounds good. I do want to attend some practices and I plan on hosting a few myself depending on how Many will attend and so on but yah. I thank you so much for replying to my posts. I do want to attend some mains but most of all just want to grow my skills and be around other local players. I am new to the competitive fight scene, but I am not a stranger of tournaments, I am a huge FPS competitor and now I want to compete in fighter games and want to travel with local fighters and just have a good time at events and during practices.


I live in Topeka and I play Injustice/MK9 VERY competitively. I would love to have some local guys to hook up with on a regular basis for training. How far from from T-Town are ya?