Looking for good Last Blade 2 players on kaillera

Find me on “GodWeapon Best of the Best” if you’re in the mood.

Man all the good LB2 comp has long since disappeared sorry dude. Abar, Silver Fox, etc they all vanished.

the good players in many different games are fast losing interest in kaillera. even i dont play anymore the lag seems to get worse everytime i try to get back into it

GodWeapon server actually has great performance for me, and I’ve been on kaillera for years hopping servers.
It’s had a few bad days on occasion, but nowhere near the amount other servers did, and besides, it beats not playing at all.
The population is alright, it hovers at around 80-90 people at peak hours. Still a lot of good Alpha 3, Samurai Shodown 2, and KOF 2002 players. The KOF 98 and Last Blade populations seem to be dead though.

Abar, Silver Fox, Shift, and the others still appear once in a blue moon, but yeah they’re gone for the most part. Shame really, I think I could’ve finally given abar a decent match.

A few others like Sword: Strength and Bobo Da Homo are still around though, and there are some new guys that are pretty good like Zelikazi and Kaede [buddha team] [fr].

Haven’t seen anyone at the level abar was at though. His power mode was insanely good; even if he did have a tendency to bitch whenever he lost to a turtler. He used to tell me that the Japanese players made him look like an amateur, and it sucks that I’ll probably never play any of those guys.

I’d love to grab a game with you when you have time though.

Bobo plays LB2? damn, didn’t know that.

I’m not sure about that Sword strenght guy, though when I played him all he did was jumping B literally all day and then got mad when it wouldn’t work on me.

Yeah, that’s what happened with me.
He bitched at me for using Shigen, Lee, and Moriya, so I beat him with Kagami, and he seemed to concede.

He’s a very good player, but he whines too much, and he has nothing outside of his speed Hibiki. He relies way too much on that low cross up, after a while I just started deflecting all his aerial attacks.

After our last set of games, he said something to the effect of:
“Abar never played like this”

And then ended with the usual good game stuff.

Probably because I tend to play more defensively than most LB players when I’m up against someone of equal skill (Haven’t met anyone better besides abar). Abar used to bitch at me for that.

I use to play LB2 a lot on Kaillera but for some reason I barely see anyone play it anymore. If I ever see a LB2 game I’ll usually try hitting it up if my ping is good enough for the person. Since most West Coast servers are dead now…I have to deal with the East Coast severs. I usually get like 80 ms and up so my connection might not be the greatest. Well if I ever see you there man I’ll play you sometime. Take care.


Come play me in person, I’ll take you down, bitch…hehe. We should hit this game up at the next meet, or next time we get to play eachother.

If either of you play on GodWeapon, hit me up.
I’m usually idle in the server most of the day.

Sword Strength is NOT a good player in any game he plays. He doesn’t pay attention to what the opponent is doing, he just continues jump attacking all day. First off, that shit is heavily lag abusive (not sure about Last Blade having low jump but it definitelyl is in kof2k2 since it does have low jump). Secondly, he’s one of those people that will repeat his jumping even if he’s anti-aired five times in a row - he just doesn’t adapt or learn from his mistakes. He’s also pretty damn random, tossing out dps and other stuff out of the blue. I would never call him a good player…

True, he did have some problems adapting when I started parrying his jump in attempts, but you have to play him in Last Blade to know what I’m talking about.

He has some very very nasty corner traps with speed Hibiki.
I eventually did learn to get out of them, but the first few times, they wrecked me.

I think that’s his problem though. He reminds me a lot of lalla.
Relies a lot on jumping crossovers, and tends to start losing when people catch on to his tactics.

You have me curious though Rock. If you can beat Sword, then that means you’re probably pretty good.
So far, the only person I’ve met lately who’s an equal match for me is Zelikazi, and I know I’m a bit better than him when it comes to using certain characters.

Played a guy named SB today who was pretty good as well, but I beat him two matches in a row, and he got mad and left.

Also had another guy who was good, but after losing for a bit, started bitching to me about how broken the game was, and suggested that I go play KOF 2002 instead. Which really made no sense, considering that all he used was Zantetsu (top bloody tier), while I was pretty much using everyone.

Met another good player named joe! but he left after 2 matches (I won one, he won one). I asked him why he left after, and he disappeared from the server.
I don’t know if he had a grudge against me and just wanted to beat me, but whatever. His name does sound familiar, so I’ve probably played him before.

Why is that all the good players seem to be poor sports?

Hey, I’m bout the Kailerra LB2. So if you want some new comp just pm me and ill give you my sn for it. I plan on being on tho fairly frequently so, yea. I’d like to think I’m fairly good playing people in person, but I got slummed on hard, in my first mathces yesterday online. Regardless, I’ll fight anyone~!!!

Also, hit me up if anyone can gimme some general tips on the whole Kalierra/MAME/whatever thing. I got ?'s Im tyring to get answered that I dont wanna ask here, cuz i dont wanna get banned~~~!

That’s the server most of the American people are on. It peaks at around 100 people early night time.

You can find me on anytime after 6:00 PM usually, and earlier on weekends.
I might be gone a bit later tommorow since I have somewhere to go, but you can catch me there as “Kyokuji”, I’m usually playing Last Blade 2 or Super Turbo.

I’d like to add Rr to the list of good LB players.
Forgot about him.
He’s like never ever on though.

If you’re using MAME. Try these settings under default options:
2x zoom, 75% horizontal scanlines, Windowed 1024x768 (75hz or whatever refresh rate your monitor supports), make sure all sound options are checked and the number is set to at least 44, 000, and make sure use joystick is checked in case you ever want to use one.

And keep your connection on “Good”.

LOL I think i played you before on jessica simpson…

Not sure

I think we played some MvC and you were telling me how great I was(when i’m not that good at mvc) so i suggested we play LB2… coz i know you were playing it earlier or trying to maybe we can play again sometime…

WHERES RYURYURYU(fox) CC told me you thought you were hot shit in LB2 because you beay kyo…

Bring it on n00b

You must be thinking of another person.
I never play MvC, lol.
Maybe I did like 2 years ago, but I wasn’t very good at Last Blade back then.

And I’ve never heard of anyone named RYURYURYU or fox.
The only people I know who can beat me on a regular basis are Bobo da Homo, Kaede [buddhateam] [fr], Zelikazi, and Rr.

And the last 2 tend to win more than the first 2.

Ryuryuryu is Mixx as you call him “ryuu” on the forums I think thats his new alias on kailera…

I played you in mvc for a little bit…but we quit and started playing LB2 Because you’re not too good at mvc lol

I think I played you once, Kyokuji, but my internet has been acting really funky, and giving me massive lag and disconnected me after the second match I think. :xeye:
Once I get a new modem to fix it, I’d be happy to play some more. :karate:


Played a decent Setsuna player named Vuk.
He wanted to leave as soon as he won a match though, which I thought was kind of lame.
Said he was going back to play KOF, but he left the server and never came back.

Not fond of that “I beat you once, I proved my point” thing.

I still find it hard as hell to believe that Setsuna is worth it… but then, I didn’t know Speed Amano could do all that crazy shit that you did with him

I’m not fond of that “I win once, leave” shit either… that’s just retarded. Winning once doesn’t mean shit unless it’s in a tourney, and even then it may not mean shit

Tell CC to read… I never said I beat him, but he wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought he’d be. Kyo told me he’s like one of the best (or the best, can’t remember) so from that I figure I’m not far off

Not the best, but I’m up there.
Me, Zelikazi, Rr, and hello are probably about equal.
I’m better with certain chars, they’re better with others.
Bobo da Homo and Kaede [buddha team] [fr] are great too, but I find I win more often then not when playing them.

I’m sure you’ll have a lot more trouble with guys like hello. Their playing styles are much more unorthodox than mine. Prepare to parry wrong and get owned hard.
I tend to be good at outthinking the people I’m fighting, and I tend to be good with execution, but I’m not as good a parrier or jumper as most of these guys, and most of my combos aren’t as difficult to block.
I also suck monkey shit on power with most characters, so fighting Kaede, Zelikazi and hello who’re all good power users might be a lot harder for you. Get hit once with them, and you can lose a lot of life.

You seemed to have a good idea of how the game works. You just had trouble finding an opening to attack me.

Setsuna is a great character. Probably better on power to me because of the large amount of damage he can inflict, but even on speed he has you playing guessing games with sweeps and QCB B’s, and his short jump double slash messes me up badly sometimes when I forget to block the second hit. His lightning armor acts kind of the same way geneii jin does in third strike; puts your opponent on the defensive. Just remember that if they throw you, the armor’s gone.

To be fair, Vuk did accept my request for another match, and he wasn’t rude or anything, but he wanted to leave like, right after he won, which kind of bugged me, and his “going to play KOF” statement didn’t hold up.

Also, I played him again just recently, and after a few matches I hit him with a speed combo during the third round (which pretty much would’ve killed him), and he desyncs right as it hits, and never came back.

Maybe his connection died or something, but it seems awfully convenient.