Looking for Good prices for New/Used stick for PS3 & selling damaged HRAP3


I have a HRAP3 For ps3 that has a tare on the usb wiring that is slightly exposed.

I need a new/used PS3/PS360 Fightstick for a good price. No major damages and everything must be functioning well. Please, nothing with stock parts (Will only accept Sanwa/Semitsu parts). Also, the stick must have a square gate, since I’m used to using the square gate (well, that is if the sanwa stick for the HRAP3 uses a square gate). I also wanna sell my piece of junk HRAP3. It’s not broken, but the wiring makes the functionality of it desync sometimes for a few seconds, so you can’t move the stick around in order for it to work properly. If you think you can fix it yourself or just want it for your own project, by all means, I’ll sell for a really good price.
EDIT- Forgot to mention that the Plexy glass on it is kinda scratched up from 2 years of use and what not. So please, keep that in mind.
EDIT- Does not have plexi. I mistook the cover for plexi when it’s a vinyl decal. Thank you to Riddick for pointing that out.




Still looking for people sellers/buyers.


And it certainly does.


Yeah I wasn’t too positive but it felt like a square gate lol.


You are welcome to buy, but you cannot sell or trade on SRK yet. More info here:


6 months, 50 posts, etc…