Looking for good Swedish/Scandinavian players (PS3)


So. Right. Here’s the deal.

I’m looking for good players for Endless sessions on the PS3 in order to level up my game. Preferably Swedish or Scandinavian (as the title of the thread says), since that will ensure the best possible connection in my experience.

I guess you can say I’m looking for pretty serious players and I’m really looking to learn things from these “sparring sessions”. I’m fairly decent, maybe above average (keeping myself in the 2500-3500PP range if anyone cares about that) and I main Bison. I also play Sagat, Ryu and Vega and I dabble in some other characters, like Dudley, Cody and Chun-Li, but my main focus is Bison and my three back-up characters. I doesn’t matter who you play, all characters are welcome. That said, it wouldn’t hurt if anyone interested in this offer mained Guile. Bison/Guile is a really f**ked up match-up…

This turned into quite a rant, but if this sounds good to someone, hit me up either here or on the PSN. My gamertag is ShawAndMorgan.


Hmmm, I´m Danish … so would love a sparring partner, sounds great man… BUT then you went ahead and wrote 2 of the worst things you could ; A) PS3… hmmm get a pc and you´re on :smiley: … and the “Good” players… I´ll get back to ya, on that one :wink:


Check out www.bitterharmony.se for matchmaking if you haven’t already ^^