Looking For Group: Need some training (SSF4 Xbox)

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to start a thread to help gain a list of people like myself who are either getting used to an arcade stick or just want to get better as a whole. This way we can get great results. Preferably people who have headsets, that way we can actually give each other tips. Also remember the more people we can get the more things we can do (tourny mode, endless battle…). I want this to be kind of a fair game thread, where if you post you will be saying you’re up to playing anyone. Just hit me up with a message on if you’re ever on! :tup:

Super Street Fighter IV

Youll have more success in the Xbox Live SSF4 sub-forum.

Alright, thanks for the heads up, I’ll post a similar one there too. It’s just this is newbie area so I thought I could get more newbies like me.

Please use the matchmaking section. The newbie dojo is for gameplay questions.