Looking for Guile training partners



My Guile matchup is pretty bad. I need some good Guiles to train with. I play Ryu, Ibuki, and Cammy.

Preferably be east coast or near, so there’s minimal lag.


Might play with some drinks in me at times :wasted: but I’m a Guile player on the east coast, add me for some games when I’m on.


It says you have the max number of friends already.


Oh, my bad, I’ll delete some and add you.


East coast Guile right here. Hit me up, PSN ItzStrizzmatik. I play a pretty decent Guile.


Throw me on too. PSN: Skkra. I could use Ibuki and Cammy training.


I started maining guile so im pretty ok with him


I’m a strong Guile player. I’m not tourney worthy but I am more than competent at my Guile game with mix ups and spacing.
If you want to beat Guile, stay fierce and cross him up and throw him. Every now and then sit back and block a little, easing up on the pressure and block strings, and see if you can’t bait out a careless FK.


East Coast Guile/Dudley player here. Add me good sir.


I’m looking for practice against Guile too. I main Rose, and am EC (upstate NY). Anyone up for some matches send me an add on XBL.