Looking for hardcore training partner for now until EVO

What’s up? So, I got the game shortly after it’s release, quickly became obsessed with it, sucked at it for a minute, and now I’m becoming “decent” (whatever that means). Basically, I think I have what it takes to be pretty damn good by EVO, and I’m at a perfect time in my life to eat, breathe, and sleep a hobby like SF4 for a few months. I am looking for someone who wants to dive in with me. I’m compiling tons of information and training every day, and hopefully you’re already doing the same. I’m dedicated, highly analytical, and I have a lot of fun with it (it’s supposed to be fun, right?). I could play SF4 and talk about SF4 and read about SF4 24/7 between now and EVO and never get sick of it (factoring in the occasional break to eat some good food and listen to some “killer tunez”). If this sounds anything like you, PM me.

it would be great if you are in the NYC area so we can play offline, but it’s not required. I just want to find 1-3 players who are as serious about this as I am and who want to put in the time and love that it’s going to take to put up a good fight at EVO. If you aren’t that great right now, it’s all good - I’m not either, but it’s all about the journey. This site is great, but it’s huge, and I think some dedicated cooperation on a daily basis - a sounding board, a reliable sparring partner - could work wonders to speed up the process of improvement.

Shoot me a PM if you love this as much as I do and you want to get really good really fast.

You know, there are a few arcades in NYC with streetfighter 4 and a bunch of top players play at them. I think hitting those up would allow you to improve as well.

interesting post… and can somewhat relate… i too, am what some may call “addicted” to SF4. i am not sure i have as much time that you have to play, analyze, and research… as i have work regularly, but every chance i get i’m reading gathering information on my “mainer” to further advance my game (even at work). i use to play sfII religiously in the arcades so i have a decent foundation of the game, but still have a ton to learn about sf4. i also found that a lot of my friends like the game a lot, but they are not looking to take there game to the next level as you and i want to. i would love to talk/speak with someone that has the same enthusiasim as me (you). i am however in s.cali and i’m sure the time zone and distance will play a factor. good luck on your search, i’ll be searching as well…

Use the matchmaking thread.