Looking for HD SF footage (All editions) for Music Video


Hey everyone. I am a Hip Hop artist and I just recently recorded my homage to my favorite fighting game series - Street Fighter. I am looking to make a music video to accompany it using only in game footage. References in the song span multiple iterations of the series.

I was hoping to find a few heads who would be willing to submit footage for the video - credit will be given for all clips used, of course. Here is what I’m looking for:

Characters needed:

(other characters for ending sequence)

Start with intro VS screen (Chun vs Guile) ; SF2

Transition to Guile stage ; SF2

Guile/Chun fight footage - Chun gets perfect ; SF2

transition to Ryu vs Vega Tatsu combo ; SF3

After combo Vega lands combo into izuna drop ; SF3

transition to Vega vs Guile - Guile 2(two) sonic boom combo ; SF2T

transition to guile vs Zangief - Geif stuns Guile KOs with SPD ; SF2T

transition to gief win quote screen & Continue screen ; SF2T

Guile continues and faces Sim - Sim lands yoga fire combo ; SF Alpha

transition to Sim vs Ryu - Ryu lands fireball combo ; SF Alpha

transition to Honda throwing salt intro - transition to honda headbutt into car on bonus stage ; SF4

transition to Guy vs Guile - Guy blocks 2 sonic booms lands combo into izuna drop to end match ; SF4

transition to map screen - plane flys to next stage and lands ; SF2

transition to Yun skate intro - Yun vs Guile Yun jumps sonic boom and punishes with Zesshou Hohou ; SF4 AE

transition to Guile vs Blanka - blanka electrocutes guile ; SF2T

transition to Chun vs Guile - Chun advances toward Guile dodging/blocking sonic booms ; any game

transition to Chun vs Ken - Chun lands kikoken FADC LL combo ; SF4

transition to Ken vs Bison - Bison lands psycho crusher ; any game

transition to Bison vs Sagat - Sagat lands tiger knee ; any game

transition to Ryu vs Sagat - time lapse high level play to Ryu “You must Defeat Shen long” Win Quote ; SF2

transition to new challenger splash screen ; SF2

transition to shot of game play with view of custom controller - if anyone wants to help with this cool, if not I can get shots of my stick once I get it back from the shop.

transition to Balrog vs Ryu - Rog lands Focus crumble into ultra 1 ; SF4 (any iteration)

transition to Blanka vs Akuma - Blanka whiffs grab and Akuma punishes with demon ; any game

transition to Akuma vs Chun - Akuma lands overhead then Chun lands counterhit st mp into Ultra ; SF4 (any iteration)

transition to chun vs Gen - Gen lands stance switch combo into super/ultra juggle in corner (KO screen) ; SF4 (any iteration)

high level play ; any game

transition to time lapse training mode footage - transition to Guile loss screen (beaten and bloody) ; training mode SF4/ loss screen SF2

transition to time lapsed high level, execution heavy combos ; any game

slow down to half speed then transition to turbo speed select screen ; SF2T

transition to Ryu vs Abel - Abel Focus absorbs Ryu st fierce and crumbles into Ultra 2 ; SF4 AE

transition to Abel vs Bison - Bison lands Ultra 2 ; SF4 AE

transition to SF alpha V-sim combo ; SF Alpha ( any iteration)

transition to various different characters vs Guile - Guile throwing sonic booms ; any game

transition to Guile vs Chun (SF2)- Chun defeats Guile with a perfect ; SF2

I am hoping to start gathering footage soon. I don’t have access to older consoles so unless I can get someone to capture footage of the older games for me I’ll have to use online clips.

Anyone interested please let me know - any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!