Looking for help finding a new enclosure for my hori real arcade pro


I have been looking into getting a new custom enclosure for my HRAP to customize it but I don’t know where to get an enclosure that will fit my HRAP Innards everywhere i have checked seems to only have custom boxes for sticks that don’t have the turbo buttons and my parts do, anyone know how i can get a customized enclosure that the innards of a hrap will fit in to

*edited to be more specific


Don’t really understand your question.

What do you wish to do exactly? Get a empty stick case and fit it with the buttons and joystick that are currently in your HRAP?


Yes, I’m looking to customize it like that I’m brand new to stick modding so I’m not sure what I’m doing really

  • post a pic of your stick
  • tell us what you want to happen with it


yeah if you give us a picture and a goal it would be way easier to help you out.

like if you want to dual mod it so it can work with multiple consoles… or just want to upgrade it so that it can work with a next gen console. ect


Ok First of I should been more specific I don’t have a stick a have the pcb, wires, and turbo buttons of and hrap the enclosure broke it had broke a while ago I’m looking to get a new one but i figured I’d buy one but the places I have checked I don’t know where to find anywhere that will sell a nice enclosure that will fit specifically an HRAP VX SA Kai arcade stick


Note that the buttons and joystick from an HRAP VX SA are just standard Sanwa parts: a JLF lever and OBSF-30 buttons (or OBSF-24 for the Start button).
There is no such thing as parts “specifically for the HRAP VX”, you’re just looking at ANY casing.

However, if you’re adamant in reusing the Turbo panel and buttons, your only option is pretty much just another HRAP VX/V3/whatever casing. Or a custom one.


Yeah I’ve been trying to find a custom case but I’m not sure where to find one to fit the panel I’ve been looking at some Foehammer cases but I don’t know if any of the cases they sell will fit.


You haven’t been actually clear: You’re looking to fit the entire metal panel from your HRAP VX?

You’re not going to find anything ready-made that’ll fit it. You’ll have to either make your own or get a custom casing made specifically for this.


Sorry i meant the turbo panel


Same goes for the Turbo panel. Very few (if any at all) custom builders make custom stick casings that have any sort of Turbo panel.

You’re better of ditching the Turbo panel entirely, just keeping your existing PCB, and transplant ONLY the innards into a new casing.


Ok so I’m to have to figure out how to take that off then and replace the back home button on my controller I have no idea how to do that


You don’t need to the turbo panel or the sub-PCB entirely.

PCB diagram with solder points labelled:




ok thank you for the help


So I’m looking at my pcb and I’ve noticed that it has these white rectangular boxes covering the wires is there some way to get around that


white rectangular boxes?


You know what fuck it im done I don’t know what it is about these forums i have never had this much trouble communicating with another human being in my entire life yet i come here its either someone reading too much into my comment or some how they don’t understand what i’m saying


Communication is the purposeful activity of information exchange between two or more participants in order to convey or receive the intended meanings through a shared system of signs and semiotic rules.
Your messages are not coming is as clear as you think. I honestly have no idea what are you referring to with white rectangular boxes.


If you’re talking about the white pin headers for the wire harnesses, you have 2 options if you actually want to deal with them:

  1. Desolder them
  2. Crimp your own wire harnesses.

Alternatively, you can bypass them entirely and solder to the bottom of the PCB.


Ok near the part of my pcb there are these white plastic boxes covering the cords that connect the turbo board to my pcb and keeping me from getting at the wires what am i supposed to do about them i have never modded before so i dont know what i’m doing sorry for losing my temper