Looking for help for Badge


I know I came here unprepared, sorely~ this is my fourth Evo, and I’ve really enjoyed coming to these events. Mostly to be with friends, and less to compete as I feel Evo has a great pool of players and as a spectator, I enjoy being able to be at all my friend’s pools and give moral support. This year I almost didn’t make it, being in the Army, I currently just got back from some long orders, and if not for the help of a few choice commanders I wouldn’t even be here. I scrounged up some money and managed to arrive, only to find out while I’m here that I will not be able to attend the event on Sunday. I had no idea this would happen, as because I was deployed, I just couldn’t follow the detail about spectator badges. :< Even now I can’t find any official information on this aspect of the show anywhere on the Evo home page.

I am currently @ Evo. I am willing to pay for a spectator badge. I am posting this today, on Saturday as I arrived Thu-Fri to try to ask people at the show and try to make less of a nuisance of myself but I am seeing that I won’t really be able to find anyone this way. This isn’t a money thing to me. It’s about me being able to keep my memories sitting beside my friends from the UK, which I may not see again after this Evo, during Sunday’s finals. They are the highlight of my Evo experience, and I wish I had known it may have been denied to me. :<

Please, if you have a spectator badge, or if someone you know can not attend for whatever reason and has a badge I may use, rent, or purchase for Sunday, I really hope you can contact me either here by PM, or text/call me at 503.999.8195. My name is Elle~

Thanks. Really hoping for the best right now… <3


Profound sadness… I won’t bump this much, but am getting worried. Can an evo rep comment if tomorrow its shown space may be available, if we can purchase a spectator badge on site? Travelling thousands (for me, literally many) to get here to be locked out Sunday is a lil cruel to consider. Can someone plz help? I love Evo. Please, thx… :<


Any luck finding one?

If there is anyone willing to sell their badge, let me know too please. Thanks!


Evo badges are non transferable.