Looking for help with LED button modding


Hello everyone,

I am extremely new to modding and I want to finally get some LED’s in my buttons. I am looking to mod my Qanba Q4 with Seimitsu buttons and I am pretty much looking for which LED controller board I should get and which LEDs to purchase. I was leaning towards the Kaimana but I am undecided right now. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. In depth tutorial videos and things of that nature. Please and thanks.


I am looking for the tutorial also.
If anyone can show us how to install kaimana for Qanba Q4?


This is literally in the first post of the kaimana thread but here you go:

You will need a Pele or a J for each button you want to light up. I used J’s but you have to dremel out the inner square VERY CAREFULLY or else you’ll cut a trace and lose a color
You’ll also need a 3" wire for each button, so 9 altogether, and one 6" or 12" cable.
Solder a wire from each signal from the qanba pcb to the kaimana. You can skip the directions and Start/Home if you want. Also solder a wire from VCC to GND. Flip your Kaimana over. You’ll need to solder a wire from VCC to the power pin on the bottom connector. See here:

Plug your Js onto each button, glue them in place. Position them so that DI/DO for each neighboring button is next to each other or you’ll make a mess of the wires. Run your 6" or 12" wire from one of the bottom connectors of the kaimana into your first button in the DI receptacle. Now for each button, take a 3" wire and go from DO to DI, DO, to DI, etc.

Double check your connections (IMPORTANT) and make sure all the DIs go to DO for each button or else you’ll fry that button and the rest of the J’s downstream won’t work.

Then, get the program for the kaimana and learn how to program.

Have fun.


The Kaimana with harnesses is very nice. Just be sure to read the DI/DO very carefully, or else you might kill an LED in the process.


So, i need to solder VCC and GND from qanba PCB and also the button to the Kaimana?
Qanba Q4 got 2 GND near VCC there, so which GND i should solder?

Currently i haven’t order yet. But Kaimana seems like no stock, maybe they wait for the stock for new ver?


GND is GND, either works. Hell, jump them together and solder to both haha.
They are out of kaimana
If you’re inexperienced with soldering, I would suggest having a professional do it for you.
You are basically 2 wires away from dual modding.


Do u need something like a kamina board or not? I have a modded hitbox with led buttons and I want to build my own (cause I don’t want to pay someone to do something if I can do it my self) the way the led’s light up your press them they light up nothing special no screen savers nothing I can’t figure out how it’s done help?


You don’t need an LED controller. You can light up LEDs by hooking up the VCC (with resistors) and soldering the signals of the button to the ground of the LED. When you press the button, it lights up the button while activating the button signal on the console.