Looking for Help with Padhack

Since Toodles and the like’s boards are going to be out of stock until sometimes from July-September I decided to make my own.

Currently the PCB I am using is this one. I have a FFC cable connecting from the PCB to a FFC connector (They fit perfectly, picture below).

I have wires soldered to the end of the connector similar to this picture. Just need to know where to put the 10k resistors I have and if there is anything else I need to install in this setup (besides mounting which I have a fairly good idea on how to avoid short circuits)

I will be connecting these wires to a terminal strip before I do anything. That a wise idea?

Basically PCB board connected to a FFC connector by a FFC cable with wires soldered onto the end of the FFC connector. Looking for anything I may have missed or any tips anyone can give me.

This is what I have at the moment.


Need to know where to put resistors or if I am missing anything.

From THIS DIAGRAM I am slightly confused on how/where to put them and if there is anything else I may be missing.

I am using a 6 button setup with 3 smaller buttons in the front for PS home, start, select.


From Slagcoin.com

You should definitely find 7.5k-8.5k resistors instead of 10k. You put them between 7 and 8 and between 13 and 14.

Thank you so much for the response.

Any suggestions on how to connect the resistors?

I am currently thinking this way :


Obviously I removed the red wires for more visibility on terminals 7/8 13/14.

that should work

okay! Thanks a lot! Will post pic when I am done. (First stick obviously)

The wiring is a rats nest, but works very well, will post pics soon.

10k resistors worked perfectly (sorry, went around to many stores could only find 5.5 and 10).

Thanks for all the help. Was finally able to finish my first box last night thanks to all the help I found on these forums!