Looking for high level Abel player

I want practice vs high level abels. I play Guy. Send me a friend request on live:

This Is K1

in your message tell me youre an abel player from the srk forums please so i know who you are.

thanks, and i hope to get some good matches with yall

Abel main since Vanilla which was my first fighting game, so he’s right at home, even tho I alt him and main Guile now, I would say I’m pretty decent.

XBL: Mayu9999

P.S. - Saw your quote, I’m hoping for Karin as well.

Well you live in Austin, so if you go to UFO you could play me offline…

Hey you guys, it’s my first post on SRK. I’d like to introduce my self. My name is Greg aka “GEEMAN287” my PSN name, I’ve been playing with Abel since good ol vanilla SF4. He is all I kno. “It’s Abel or Nothing!” I would like to play some top tier Abelers :rofl: making my own lingo here. Anywho, I’m ready to hand to out some L’s and I ain’t talking about bud, cronic, or you prolly know it as reefer. :rofl:

My PSN: GeeMan287
BP: 9444
PP: 2717

As of 5:32am 10/2/2010 (feel like a statistician)

Im looking forward to the battles.


I am looking to add some Abel players to my FL on XBL if you please. I play an average Bison and below average Sim. If possible people with mics that dont mind talking about the match up in detail. My XBL: “Daman1009” Thanks in advance.

I’m Looking to add some Abels from the tri-state new york area on PSN.

EU Abel player, Brainsplitter on PSN.

I also would like some help with the abel matchup. I play akuma I know matchups a little, but not nearly enough as I should. So anybody that would like to help me, send a invite or a message saying you are from srk.