Looking for high level Chun players

I want practice vs high level Chuns. I play Guy. Send me a friend request on live:

This Is K1

in your message tell me youre a Chun player from the srk forums please so i know who you are.

thanks, and i hope to get some good matches with yall

Instead of making a new thread i think its wise to post it in here…

Good Abel Player Also looking for strong Chun Li’s to train against, (need to get better at the matchup)

Hit me up on XBL, i currently dont have SSF4 for PS3

I’m also a Guy/ Sometimes Akuma looking for a Chun player, maybe even to help me get better at Chun.

Wait, never mind, Xbox red ringed… FUCK.

I would gladly play you guys if I had a 360.

im not about to sound arrogant and call myself high level, but i definitely dont suck

hit me up, i need a guy player on my list anyway, the newer characters are still kind of a mystery to me.

I am looking to add some Chun players to my FL on XBL if you please. I play an average Bison and below average Sim. If possible people with mics that dont mind talking about the match up in detail. My XBL: “Daman1009” Thanks in advance.

Im pretty decent with the bison and abel matches. Id be more than happy to run games if you want. hit me up on xbox and we’ll talk about the matches as well.

Stupid question time. What’s considered “high level?”

2,000 BP? 5,000? 20,000?

Points don’t matter. Many simply have high BP because they play ranked extensively.
With time and dedication, most above average players can reach 15k (A rank)…

Well that helps explain why I get bested sometimes by someone with 150 bp after just beating someone with 7,500… :slight_smile:

im as decent as my chun gets, add me up im always looking for people to play — XBL: Wesleyrausch
3k PP and 9K BP if you do care about points

i think its got nothing to do with Points however PP are a true reflection on a players skill not BP

Nah I think it has to do with what level you can make it to in the arcade mode.
I can currently make it to level 6… that’s pretty high, right?

lookin for high level chuns

Hey all, im an ibuki 4700pp looking for some good chuns on xbox live. Hit me up if you wanna play!

L0psided with a zero on xbl

Needs more PSN.

Anyone feel free to add me! I play Chun and Juri.

i’m a bison player, and i need some chun practice this week.

if any of you can get at me, that would be great. i live in canada, so hopefully a decent canadian chun can come, but if i can get a good connect with other people, that would work too.

xbl: skulltr0n (o is a zero.)

Hey Snake, I am a pretty low level Ibuki on PSN, but I would love to spar with a really good Chun sometimes. Besides, you might be able to help me get better. I have been playing for ~1.5 months, and this is my first fighting game, but I feel like I am doing pretty well for such limited experience. If you ever want to have some casual matches, and some good combo practice on a total scrub, hit me up.


Play me and you judge how good my Chun is.

Hey RedSuinit.

I can pretty much say that my Chun isn’t as good as SnakeAes but I’m fairly decent with her. If you want to add me feel free, I’d love to fight an Ibuki–cuz she’s so dang cool.