Looking for high-res Alex Ross Joker/Harley Quinn pic


It’s for a stick. The images that Alex Ross has up on his site are pretty low res. I’m looking for something higher quality.

A sample from Ross’s site:


that’s creepy as fuck.



Precisely. :badboy:


ive seen it somewhere. ill try looking for it

EDIT: is it a cover? if so which comic book?


Thanks, TRT; I found the name of the image. It’s “Tango With Evil.” But my own searches have not led anywhere very promising… unless I want to pay for the image and then scan it when it arrives. Which I’m not going to do.

I may just end up using another image. But if you do find anything, then, when I take over the world, you can have a portion of Asia. :rofl:


I have the book with it in it, I could scan it in. It’s called Mythology.


damn, scissorman, you’ve got like everything.


Haha, thanks! I just need to do something with the scanner software, it’s kinda buggy. I’ll get it to you soon. Is it okay if there’s text corvering a little bit of it? The text isn’t covering anything important.


That should be fine; I can deal with any little blemishes like that on my end.

Also, a billion jillion thank yous! Once I conquer the solar system you can have your pick of any of Jupiter’s moons.


Bring back your Green Lantern av’s specs!


I haven’t sported the GL ones for a while, have I? I kinda miss them, but I do like Alpha’s Rei, and DJreact’s Howard/X-Man. So I’ll just switch them up every now and then, how’s that? :bgrin:

(In all honesty, I wish I could slap all the AVs into a randomizer and have it pick one every day. :rofl: )


Here ya go! I tried to erase as much text as I could without messing it up.
Also check out my thread for finding images.



That’s awesome, mang! Thank you VERY much! :bgrin:


No problem. :slight_smile: and thanks for the rep!



For reals.


I fixed up Scissorman’s image a little more, removed the text and fixed the shades of black.



'07 IMM’ers…



Thanks, Furious One. However, I’ve already cleaned it up on my end. I do appreciate it though! :bgrin:

EDIT - Upon closer inspection, your fixup is better. Many, many thank-yous!
EDIT 2 - I did some more touching up to the image, just to get the black areas all the same color. Thanks again!


For anybody curious, here’s the finished product:


Thanks again for the help! :china:


Very cool specs! Came out nice!