Looking for honda sparring parter

:china: i main rog and currently seeking a sparring partner for this matchup b/c its a nightmare for me even though the matchup is in rog’s favor…any help will greatly be appreciated!!! btw im only on psn, and my id is in my signature; if you dont see, just send a pm my way

Sent you a friend request on psn…Get ready for turtle wars :slight_smile:

I hate that match up too. What times are you online? If we sync up, I’ll add you.

im ususally online alot…reason being i watch netflix all the time…im either studying/doing homework most of the time but feel free to add me and send a messege…like i said this mu is a personal nightmare for me, and fighting a lot of hondas with various playstyles will help me level up

just curious but do you have another srk account named eltrouble?

Sure no problem. I sent you a game invitation the other day but feel free to message me too anytime to play. The srk account eltrouble is my boyfriend, and he lives with me. So coincidentally our psn online gamer tag is his not mine. Hope that clears it up :smiley: Speaking of which if you ever want to learn the viper ibuki match just ask…his ibuki is pretty good. And I know for a fact he would like to learn that match up too.

i have good ibuki sparring partners but i lack vipers…o_O btw im on east coast if curious about connections