Looking for: Hori Commander 3 Dual Mod and Paintjob

I’m Jaleel of focusattack.com and am helping out DMG’s Inthul in getting a modded Hori Commander 3 joypad with custom graphics. If anyone could suggest who I could potentially talk to about the following, I’d appreciate it:

  1. Is it possible to dual-mod the Commander 3 for both Xbox360 and PS3? Has anyone tried it yet?
  2. Does anyone know of service that can put custom graphics on a gamepad? I seem to recall one, but cannot remember the name.

Any help is appreciated. I’m willing to put some $ up for both tasks.

  1. Depends if it is common ground, if not then no. If yes then it might be possible to stick a “Dual Strike SMD” pcb into the pad. The person to talk to would be Gummowned.

  2. you are on your own for graphics on a pad. There was a tutorial on a fightpad mod.

The fighting commander is actually a ps3 pad, so he would have to add a 360 board. I’ve been contemplating doing this but haven’t gotten hold of the pad yet.

Thanks for the info. I’ve talked to Gummowned before, so I’ll follow up with him on that. I figured it was rare to change graphics on a pad, so I’ll see what it might take to build a skin for it.

I’ll speak to Gummowned about it. I’m willing to buy a pad or 3 to someone who has a good chance of dual modding it. It’s a custom job for Inthul, who I’m sponsoring as part of DMG.

If Gummowned doesn’t feel comfortable doing this, then perhaps I can talk to you about it.

Pm’d you. I’m also gonna try to get in touch with inthul personally. Nice thing ur doing btw.

I am very interested in getting my fighting commander 3 dual modded (so it will also work on 360). If anyone has any info on this process (I’ve heard that it’s been done for someone already) please let me know!

as stated from rtdzign, Gummowned is you man. He is really good at what he does and knows his stuff. He can point u in the right direction