Looking for Hori FC3 dual mod for 360


i have been looking everywhere for an answer or a process of doing this, if this is possible, and have had no luck so i thought i’d ask(hope its ok)! I read a few other posts on the subject of the “shoulder button moving” but have not found any posts about dual modding.

Im gonna pick up a FC3 soon as im getting tired of using a stick and having to lug it around, having it slide on my lap while playing, blah blah blah…a pad just feels more controlled in my hands(personal pref)! but my main problem is…i dont have my ps3 anymore but my friends do! so needless to say i want this pad to work on ps3 as well as 360 so i dont have to worry about carrying 2 different pads and my hands only have to worry about playing on 1 pad.

If this is possible, i’d very much like to know the process of going about this. i have tools and skills to do any sort of wiring work so soldering and wire mapping is not a problem at all. main direction i need to be pointed in would be where to start and what other materials are needed (ie. 360 pcb from…? is a special board needed?)

hope it was ok to make a new thread, i rarely post unless i absolutely cant find the answer here or from google for that matter. any help is very much appreciated! also if this isnt possible at all feel free to recommend a good converter :slight_smile:


I think you’re out of luck, for now, on having a dual modded FC3. You might have to try an adapter instead. There’s another thread with an adapter people have been having luck with. No one has tested it with the FC3 yet though.


damn! i could have sworn someone would have come up with this :sad:
i saw the thread on the converter so if it’s a good price and someone can confirm it works with the fc3 i may just make due with that. it’s not too important for me to be able to play with it on the 360 as i mainly play on a ps3 with my friends and only a few onlines on the 360 when im home.

thanks for the reply, if anyone else has any input on the dual mod or can confirm a converter that works plz let me know :smile:


Hasn’t gummowned done a few FC3 pad dual mods? One in particular was for Inthul I thought, no?


You can use a ps3 -> 360 converter. I use one all the time when I want to play COD on my roommate’s 360 with my PS3 controller, or when I want to use a ps3 stick on 360. No guarantee that this will work with your pad though.



@ Phreakazoid: yeah i heard he was the one who could do it but if it’s just rewiring stuff and adding another board i’d like to do it myself (personal feeling of accomplishment :P) but i would just like to know how i go about doing it. is it just taking a pcb from a 360 pad and rewiring it and mapping to the buttons? how do i fit 2 pcbs in that small area without them touching? if thats the case, what kinda pcb do i need? stuff like that, the rest pertaining to labor i can totally do. I saw Inthul uses one which is why i got totally stoked to do this as i’d like to know what his pad mods are :slight_smile: thanks for the reply, ill try and get in touch with gummowned!

@ bchan: thanks! thats the converter i’m looking for if this doesnt dual mod very easily :slight_smile:

if anyone comes across the process of how this is done, plz let me know! this isnt for any sort of profitability, just a project i’d like to do!..like putting sanwa buttons on a mayflash, its the feeling of a finished project :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive dual modded about 5 or so FC3’s and about to mod a few more for others soon.

You’ll need the pcb from a 360 TE,TE-S, or SE. You’ll also need an Imp. For wiring, you want to use the thinnest wire possible like 30 or 32 gauge. The rest is figuring out how to fit everything inside which of course involve dremeling out parts inside of the plastic shell.



@ gummowned AWESOME! you sir are amazing! thanks very much for the info, looks like all i really need to get is the Imp board!

oh and a quick question or 2, would this at all be possible WITHOUT the Imp board? i understand it will look a tad sloppy with 2 cables comming out of a pad, but can it be done? also, is it possible to completely replace the pcb in the fc3 with a pcb from a 360 SE? (looking at Bob the Builder right now) this is all for experience, i plan to mod a few of these incase one ever breaks or if i wanna just leave one at my friends :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again everybody for the help and advice, its very much appreciated!