Looking for Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pad


Hey to all fighting gamers. I’m new here. I’m looking for a Hori Fighting Commander 3. I’m a pad player and it’s the only pad I like to use. It seems Hori don’t make them anymore. Amazon had them for like $35 back then but I only see them on ebay for too much import from Japan. If you know about this pad and where I can buy it cheaper please let me know. I’m willing to buy a use one if you have one you don’t use anymore. Thanks to all that reply.


I too turned up my nose at the terrible prices on ebay. I bought mine off Yahoo Japan Actions for 3,500JPY. After the proxy bidding fees and shipping it was still only like $60. That’s one option for you.


I went through a few of them but it seems they don’t do paypal. I prefer to buy in USA. Thanks for the reply.