Looking for hori fsex2 metal plate for my hfs3


any one out there know if its even possible to find?? i hate the 8 button layout. and even if i removed the 2 far right ones. it leaves no room between the stick and buttons for art work. anyone??


I think most of the small Hori sticks use the same size panel. Only problem would possible be if the plastic underneath would line up, though you could dremel that out if necessary. As for finding one, you’d probably just have to find someone who has one in which the PCB has fried or something and they’re not looking to replace it, in which case, it’d be better just to remove the Hori PCB entirely and just put a Cthulhu board in the EX2 case.




rapturedj doesn’t want to have 6-Button Layout by covering two on the right.

But it’s cool NotANoob81, I have all your Threads saved already.
You do the good stuff with paint and things.


notanoob91, thanks!! i saw that on a customizing a hfs3 thread. its pretty bad ass. i just dont know how to do any of covering the holes. how hard is that??


I thought you wanted art room between Joystick and Buttons.
For me, I want to get the FS3 Layout, then turn it into 6-Button for more art room on right.


i was considering that idea as well. just need to know if its easy to do. and the last two buttons i want to put on each side of the case so i can play my pinball games :smiley:


notanoob, how difficult is it to do what you did?? removing the last 2 buttons??


Not hard at all, get some JB weld and some metal from a pie tin, then go to work. No idea how he got it smooth and even there though, what I would have done is cut the metal the size of the hole and gone from there, he pasted a strip over the holes and worked from there.