Looking for Hori Real Aracade pro travel bag

If anyone can direct me to either a website, auction, or person who is selling one please reply. I have been searching everywhere for one and Hori’s site has been out of stock for who knows how long now.

~Thank you!

I’d say wait it out a while. I remember hori store was out for a good while and they finally had some in stock so I got two of them. Unfortunately they’re packed up on their way to germany right now. Just keep checking back periodically on the store.

oh ok thank you, thats good to know!

Ya, I’ve been looking everywhere for one as well. Nice bag but man, it’s $$$ just for a bag!!!

Hori store has them in stock now. http://stores.shophoriusa.com/-strse-105/Real-Arcade-Pro.-Travel/Detail.bok