Looking for HTML Coders/Web Designers/Grahic Designers - Template Makers

I’m looking to make a website.

I have already bought my hosting and bought my URL.

I’m looking to get a web template made for a site that is designed for third strike.

Stuff the site will have:

Character Information
Combo Videos
Match Videos
Forums (outside link)

Character Info/Combo Vids/Match Vids are going to be based around the 3rd strike character select screen… basic idea being that you click the character and it brings you to a 2nd page.

For character info it will go to a page with character info… combos…matchups… etc.

For combo vids you click their portrait and it brings you to a list of vids… when you click the link it will bring you to a page that has an embedded youtube vid in it.

For match vids it will bring you to another page with the same graphic… but above the graphic it will say “against which character?” You then click the character. Once you click the character you want to see vids against it will bring you to a list of vids…click the vid and it brings you to a page with an embedded youtube video. Under that will be space for a little description of the match or a breakdown of situations and combos throughout the match.

I can offer money for people to do this for me… But i need a relativly simple template to edit. I need to get dreamweaver to do it or w/e…

I already have joomla installed on my site in a sub directory because i was unsure if i’d like it or not… So if you know how to do what i am looking for with joomla then that works too…



I dunno if this was exactly what you were looking for, but I had fun doing it. If you want anything changed on it you can pm me or post here.

If you don’t wanna use it, that’s no problem. Sorry it took so long.