Looking for info on buying and maintaining versus city cab


can anyone here share a link to taking care of a versus city cab?
maybe a link that explains about games for it?
i have zero exp on the subject and already tried google
am looking to buy a versus city cab for 3s!


Google harder.

Cabs and games can almost be considered two completely separate things; it’s very hard to say “games for a cab” because it’s almost like saying “console for a TV”; almost anything can work with anything if you know what you’re doing.

Versus City info:

Not much info there, but from what I recall, it’s not all that different from an Astro City:

3S is CPS-3, so info on CPS-3:


Thanks for the input. is CPS-3 the game?
is that a supergun?


It’s in the first line of the linked page “CPS3 is an arcade system board”

You will need this board to put inside the cabinet and you will also need the 3S game.


CPS3 is one of many arcade main boards made by Capcom with interchangeable games. Most Arcade boards have one fixed game, but there are exceptions.
A Supergun is what you use to play a Arcade board when you do not have an arcade board and instead what to use your home Television set.

The Arcade Cabinet it self is just a empty shell with a monitor, power supply, perhaps the transformer for the monitor, maybe a audio system as some boards have their own audio amp.
An Arcade Cabinet is alot like a house, in a house you still need to provide the furniture and appliances. A Cab like the Versus City Cab is a empty house waiting for Arcade board to be installed.

Your Cab, the Versus city should be wired for Jamma (unless someone rewired it).

Typically most Arcade boards work on the Jamma system, a sorta universal system where power (+5v, -5v, +12v and ground), audio, video, all your controls, coin, test, service and so on are wired to.
Some games like Fighters will use an additional Kick harness for your “kick” buttons. Neo Geo boards use the Jamma harness but has some of the pins on the connector wired differently.

Some early boards like from the late 70s and early 80s use their own set up and needs an adapter.
Some later games are wired for JVS harnesses (like the Naomi hardware) unless you use a I/O board (like the Capcom Naomi I/O board) to convert everything back to Jamma.