Looking for info on Logitech dual action controller mod

Hey, I am looking to finish something that I picked up on the cheap, heres the background I picked up a complete joystick, happ buttons and joystick unit and cabinet (homemade) and with the complete unit he also threw in all the hardware for an additional unit (for $20, steal I think) So I would like to set up the other stick now, but the joystick that was hack apart (for mame originally) was to my surprise not the same joypad that was supplied, what I have is a Logitech Dual Action joypad (for pc) that I want to hack, the pcb looks to be double sided and have the “carbon” on the contacts, I have all ready attempted to scrape off the dark color hoping to find metal under but did not, can anyone help with this joypad or suggest a different pad to hack ( keeping in mind that I would like to keep it as low cost as possible).

look at this thread.

logitech might be common line meaning harder to hack.