Looking for info on this ascii stick

I’m looking for some information on this stick… is it easily mod’able? what type of parts are in it right now?

i looked for a similar thread but could not find one.


I can tell with 75% certainty from looking at it that the buttons are total garbage, rubber pcb contact shit. The stick I can’t say for sure but given the buttons it can’t be that great. PCB contact buttons GENERALLY means you’re going to have to clean out the whole inside and start from scratch with a hacked/universal pcb and new joystick parts.

damn… that’s alright is it worth 10 bucks?

No. The inside sucks. I have one and the buttons died a long time ago I opened it up today and it sucks ass. The buttons are all soldered onto a giant PCB. Plus the buttons have this giant plastic shroud that the PCB is clipped onto. It’s just ass. I don’t have a lot of the pieces because I threw it away in anger. :rofl:

It’s possible to mod it, but it’d be a lot more work than most people would want to do.

The buttons will suck. Well, they might be okay… but by okay I mean they suck. I trust Mastermind that the PCB sucks.

If the stick is an ASCII Optical then that’s pretty cool.
If not then it almost definitely sucks. A lot.

For $10? How much do you like to mod? How much do you like the case? :lol:

For $10 its a good deal.