Looking for Japanese 12 Vids

Looking for a guy named Richard at FF who has footage of Japan players wiping the floor with that crazy-armed science experament, 12…btw is the 3s WC dvd out yet?

koriyama has alot good twelve

if you get hooked up though, send me some stuff too :smiley:

I haven’t got any videos as of yet, but I’m praying to all that is sacred and holy that 12 will hold a special spot at denjinvideo.com when it’s back in action (I hear very soon!)…

I’ve got 2 files from a 3on3 they had at Acho a few months ago, featuring some dude I dunno as Twelve. Pretty impressive though, just that he doesn’t get ripped the F up. You’re welcome to them, both of yas.


hit me up on aim sometime and i can send you some koriyama stuff phd.

i never see you on aim anymore thongboy, otherwise i’d know how to take advantage of your offer :P.

thanks for the vids, they’re so hard to find…ibuki vs. 12 is a decent matchup, i’d like to see a wicked awesome 12 player go up against the top tier, just to see how that might play out…@ WC of 3s @ FF i saw one of the japanese guys go against one of the best akuma players i’ve ever seen and won like 1 out of 3, losing very narrowly…now that was some hard core 12 skills if i ever seen 'em…dashin all over the damn place, landing only for periodic bait throws…good times