Looking for jlfs or seimitsus


Hey guys i just came across this site. Paradise Arcade Shop- Arcade Parts for Coin-op Video Amusement Machines - Paradise Arcade Shop
i know that lizardlick is out of the joysticks at the moment but this site seems to have jlfs and seimitsus and some other cheap joysticks that would be perfect for your gfs or kids that dont need tournament grade sticks. I myself may try out the fight stick 2 or the pink balltp joystick for my gf. I just ordered a jlf from them so hopefully it should be here soon. Just wanted to give a heads up in case people havent heard of them.


Prices seem to be on the high side for some things there but it’s nice to always have a another source for parts.

It’s Hawaii – you don’t get anything cheap there!


focusattack.com has them, but they are also out.
akihabarashop.jp has them

Yes, $25 shaft from them is just robbery. Unless it is hollowed out. Because those can be harder to come by.


I believe the shafts you guys are speaking of are the hollowed out shafts, last time i checked. i was just excited to see some jlfs and some sticks that look like jlfs that i can use for my little nephew, gf, and some other fam members that dont need a jlf or sem.


It’s Hawaii… Maybe the only the State in the union more expensive to live in than California, New York or New Jersey!

I’ve visited a webpage or two of their import shops and their stuff is always more expensive than what I see in continental US game importers. It’d probably still be cheap to buy from Paradise IF you’re were a Hawaiian – consider shipping costs TO Hawaii(!) – but there’s no reason for somebody in 48 States (continental US) to buy from these guys unless they some kind of exclusive. We have so many choices here that you can definitely price-comparison before you give someone your hard-earned cash…

Me, I’m a bit lazy and usually go with Lizard Lick or Akihabarashop.jp… They’re both good vendors. Aki has the larger selection but since it’s overseas I try not to order less than $60 of parts otherwise the insured shipping will kill you! I have to do insured shipping because my stuff passes through Chicago O’Hare and that city is notorious for corrupt Postal Service employees stealing checks, money orders, electronics, you name it!

My last Aki order before this one I just got was ‘lost’ and I hadn’t insured it. Yeah, it was ‘lost’ by the Chicago USPS I bet!!! :mad:

Luckily, Aki made good and refunded me for lost goods and I remembered that when I placed a parts order well before X-Mas. You’ve gotta remember the guys who do good by you and reward them when the time comes… That and Aki is STILL the only place I can get some custom buttons at! :lovin:

ALMOST goes without sayin’ I insured my Aki order this year…! I don’t blame them for last year. I was boneheaded not to sure and lost my bet with the City of Al Capone.


I dont really know what prices you are looking at but im in CA and i gotta jlf for 22.95 plus $5 shipping. I was just recommending the sticks. I think thats the same price as a jlf from lizard lick. Not too sure about the other products that they have but all was good for me. I was just noting that they had them in stock and other places did not atm.


I’ve seen that site before; the “generic Sanwa” Fightstick & “Zippy” stick intrigue me.

I wonder what kind of microswitches they use.


Dont they tho. I said damn 10 bucks for a sanwa lookalike. i will be placing orders for those somewhere around jan or feb because i am gonna make sticks for some fam that dont need tournament grade equipment and for those prices thats great. I can get rollie buttons and one of those cheap sticks for under 30 bucks excluding shipping of course but still great.


Hey you guys looking for jlf you need to go to the madcatz store 17.99 with a ball top and free shipping put code holiday in and it gives you 10% and free shipping nobody can beat that right now I just checked 2sec ago so I know its working


you tell me this now after i had already placed my order o man. hahaha


yeah some employees of the catz company should let there people know these things wink**wink Mr Man


Oh, wow, hollow LS-32 shafts are on that site? I never see those. Excellent!