Looking for Ken Players and Tips!



Hey any one use Ken here? I use him strangely but he works with the team I have prepared to show you guys. Ken anti air, Akuma Expansion, & Jin Anti air. The team works well and smooth and when I am able to pull the 3 team special it looks bad ass. Hey I am here posting to see if any one still uses ken and how they use him. I use him as my rushing type more of a tiger always on the attack I hardly every block when im on the ground I just jump to get out the way or I’ll hurricane kick to go over or behind them when there doing there specials and I’ll stall my self with a few fire balls to keep my self in the air but when I am facing magneto…fuk you magnetic shock wave bitch!<—:arazz: it becomes a pain trying to jump over magnetic shock wave i’ve done it like 3 times once with bb twice with ken but I’ll block almost all the time.


I think your lost, Third Strike is right below Marvel in the Strategy Zone section.


Need to know: This combo is about 60% percent damage and possibly more on weaker characters.

Launch sj.lp sj.lp hurricane kicks

Look for an opening and do this: c.lk c.lk super (DF + PP)

Also try: s.lp s.FP fireball DB +KK super - works 100% in the corner but not so sure about midscreen.

c.fk pause DF+ KK super

launch DF+KK super

If the opponent just jumping and trying to hit you with a FP or FK just do: DF + KK
Works all the time if the opponent is too careless.

His AAA will also go through anything, even Storms hailstorms. Even in battle when someone trys to hail on you just do the Foward Down Foward Punch, it would go right through it.


launch, sj.lp or lk xx fk hurricane kicks does more damage IIRC.

vs. juggs only

crossup j.fp, j.fk xx fk hurricane kick [1 hit], land, j.lp xx fk hurricane kick [crossup/2 hits], land, c.lk, c.fp, sj.lp xx fk hurricane kick, pause, air throw. 95%


Choose his AAA.
It goes through a lot, and does a lot of damage.


his qcf+pp super is instant so you can catch people after u recover from being hit by slightly laggy move. Or sometimes you can do it on an opponent whos is dashing towards you, its instant so they cant block it. But only do it if you it will hit.

if you hit them with the that super in the corner it does not cause fly screen so you can continue with c.lk, launch, sj.lp, hk hurricane land throw


A good strategy I have with ken is a mix-up one.
Not just calling an assist and jumping over the opponent, but throwing a few LP or LK and using is roll to get behind and disorient them some and throw a quick LP shoryuken their way.

When jumping through the air with ken (which you should rarely ever do unless its avoiding a super) use falling shoryukens close to the ground. If you’re playing against competitive players, they know Ken can shoryuken in the air. But they won’t expect it. It works wonders timed correctly.

Against mags and other rushdowns, a nicely timed Shinryuken can make all the difference in the world. Just make sure the opponent is mid attack or vulnerable in some other way before doing it, or you will be in a world of hurt.

Also, If you are going to use Ken’s Anti-Air assist, I recommend using a character with projectiles to cover a missed Shoryuken. I know I might be pushing ken’s Shoryuken a little too much, but it is a strong asset. Regardless of that fact though, ken’s damage comes from mix-ups and quick rushdown combos.

And lastly, don’t forget, Shoryu-Reppa is your friend.