Looking for ken players(XBL)



im looking for other ken players because the ken mirror is the most fun to me. i’d also like to talk about strategy and share frame traps and talk about match ups. im friends with a few ken players but they aren’t really above my level. so if you see this add me on xbl:lifeispeachy17. im on all day everyday and im willing to play at anytime. thanks!


I too enjoy the battle of the swag… I thought I had a good Ken duel goin’ with PAPICHULO4x4, we had some really nice matches… and then he starts dp-ing in my block strings and combos like every 5 seconds. I’m still working on many things, but I seem to be in the frame of mind you are with frame traps and match-ups. Trying to work on meatys too. My id is inDAKINEskreets


Add me x Fried Gold x


Any one in the UK can add me.

GT is x G77 x




add me also



I’m trying to learn new Ken strategy since i feel like im hitting a plateau. GT = IntegratypeR 97


JOELLMARKELL add me as well. Xbl