Looking for Lazeeya stick template

i searched and searched and sill couldn’t find a template from lazeeya, i don’t even know how to contact anymore because his thread is closed. Any one have a template layout that i can use. I got a case from him a while back and never got to it til now.

good luck… that guy took a lot of $$ from this community members.
your better off doing the measurements yourself and creating your own template.

Just put the plexiglass in a scanner.

If you’re not confident enough to put the plexiglass into a scanner, then trace it’s outline and scan that instead.

Putting the plexy in the scanner, its what I did with a Foe Hammer case. Place the plexy in the scanner, you might want a sheet of paper on top of the plexy (not between the plexy and the scanner but behind the plexy. So they Plexy would show up more in the scan. A Trace of the plexy would work too. I recommend scanning at 300 DPI or better.

thanks guys i will try it today and see how it goes

this is what i got,

but any of you guys know how to make a template like the TE templates so i can add some artwork send it to Art’s Hobbies to print artwork?

Ask Art before you create your own template. How well do you know Photoshop?

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies
"Q : What about covers for other sticks like the Wii FightStick, Agetec, etc?
A : I will get to other retail sticks in time. I will enlist the help of certain individuals with such sticks to get a pattern traced for me, then I can work on making the digital pattern to cut. Once the pattern is designed, I can go ahead and add them to my product’s page."

Going from screen to print isn’t bad, but making accurate cuts can be a bit complicated, so definitely check with him first.