Looking for LED TV best for gaming 50+ inch , need help plz :)

Hi there ,

I am looking for a TV that is really good for gaming console specially fighting games , it would really helpful for me with any input you give me I will be grateful !. I am not good with the technical things so far i heard is that i have to look for something that has less Input Lag and Response Time is also good.

When i Looked over the net about the best TVs on the market ( my budget is like no more than 2000£ ) i found Philips

Philips - 5000 LED series LCD TV 52" Full HD 1080p digital TV - 52PFL5605H/05 - 5000 series - Televisions - Sound and vision

though i have been told is not that good !:sweat:

i am totally clueless about those things but I play fightings games in intensive way so i would like to enjoy it fully with the best quality TV ! ( was saving money for this )

PS. Please don’t flame me XD

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A couple pieces of advice:

  1. Check out the HDTV thread.

  2. Do google searches for HDTV input lag tests. Input lag isn’t a tech spec TV companies advertise.

  3. Do know that most TVs in that size range have noticeable lag, but I guess not all I suppose.

Good luck.

I would help you, but there are a billion threads about TVs. You can always just google it.

thanks man !! that link is really helpful !!! :slight_smile: the Fury device thing is probably is what I am missing

Cheers ~