Looking for Lehigh valley players looking to get together and play some matches


Myself and a couple other dudes have recently attended winter brawl and ect and have discover we need to reach out to other local players and find some people to practice with in between tourneys. I know there’s more than 4 or 5 people in the Allentown/bethlehem area that are playing fighting games, so we’re looking to put together a fight night either weekly or biweekly… But first just seeing in anyone else out there is interested. We play killer instinct, marvel 1,2,and 3, street fighter,injustice, skull girls and more…
We re chill, positive dudes just trying to get better and get a scene going in pa without having to go to Philly all the time… So if your out there let us know and we can try and set something up.


Need to check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friday-Night-Encounters/140934612636416


(Blood)Thirsty for Third Strike Thursday is happening again at Siren Records in Doyelstown PA. Come play with us. On the H2H cabinet, in a record store. Need I say more.