Looking for Local Players

Hey guys i am really tired of playing online with lag and everything and i was wondering if anyone is in the inland empire or knows of players in the inland empire that have weekly gatherings or something of the sort. I just really would like some good local competition, so i can get to the real enjoyment of the game. Nothing like playing face to face.

Pacific South: Discussion & Matchmaking

thank you so much i did not kno there was a place for this already. pls delete. thanks again

They should really rename the Regional Matchmaking section to keep these threads from popping up. I suggest “THiS iS WeRe BeeE Da WwWwoCaL PlayRz iS aT - NoN-ooOooONWine!!!” and instead of Pacific and Atlantic they should rename them “The One by Hawaii” and “The One Not by Hawaii”, and “The Middle States on The Map”

“Regional Matchmaking”, “Atlantic North”, “Pacific South”, “Southwest” etc etc is to much for some people to comprehend.