Looking for local players


Hey guys i am really tired of playing online with lag and everything and i was wondering if anyone is in the inland empire or knows of players in the inland empire(murrieta, temecula, wildomar, Elsinore are) that have weekly gatherings or something of the sort. I just really would like some good local competition, so i can get to the real enjoyment of the game. Nothing like playing face to face.


Im from temecula but we only have a few players down here and we kinda just play whenever.

also looking for local players :smiley:


I live in Wildomar if you wanna play some games. I know of a few spots in the I.E.


Looking to get better and looking for local players in the I.E./O.C. as well. I’m from the chino hills area.


im down to play if we can set something up but in the meantime i guess we can play on xbl if yall have it


You guys might want to mention what games you actually play. For instance, if you play any of the SF2’s (HF, ST, HDR) I can direct you in the right direction.


Sorry mang, I’m talking about SSF4.


Oh shoot is that the dgv who wrecks hdr when he enters?

And yeah ssf4 for me as well