Looking for local USF4 players around Downey (562) or (323)


Hey there looking for some local USF4 players around the Downey (562) or (323) area. Been playing this damn game since SF4 first came out and never really got any offline play. I apologizes in advance, but i haven’t found any other active thread for Downey (562) / (323) players. Thank you


East side Long Beach here, been looking for a local scene too. I haven’t looked too much into, but I think there might be a scene in CSULB. I play Abel, I’d say C rank describes me well =P. I’m on live too, but haven’t renewed my live yet till’ after this semester (End of May), my gamer tag is: Machete Mabini


East LA here, any local places I can try to get back into Ultra? Online lag blows and the CPU doesn’t cut it.


I live 5 minutes from downey, Im down to start playing some offline sets in USF4


Bruh. I’m in that area. Just moved back. I need some offline play desperately. Anyone inbox me and let’s make it happen.


My fault, I live in Bellflower so I’m close to everyone.


i just moved back to downey recently can for sure go for some local play in SFV


Hey I moved to downey in july and I’m looking for the scene out here! I’m getting into sfv and should be getting back into MKX. id love some competition