Looking for Love: Ibuki General Discussion Thread

Does she have less depth than Ryu? Or less things to consider than when playing Chun?

It is not the same for every character. With shotos, you have a single antiair solution: dp. You don’t have to bother with this airthrow/raida/nj.MK/b+MP/cr.HP nonsense, and you almost never have to worry about spacing. If you mess up and it trades, then np, take your free ultra (Ryu/Sagat) or get a good vortex setup (Akuma) etc. When you get pressured, you don’t have a 3f cr.jab. You don’t have a good cr.MP crouch tech like Ryu. You don’t have dp FADC until 3 bars, and Ken/Akuma have hitconfirmable dp FADC, which Ibuki does not. And then there’s Ibuki’s backdash. When should you use it? When shouldn’t you use it? What options does your opponent have to punish it? Her backdash is unique in that she’s very airborne and she travels a far distance, at the cost of being a slower than average backdash. For example, a lot of option select sweep setups will not work on Ibuki due to airborne and hitboxes, but she is a lot more susceptible to reaction punishes. With a shoto, this is simplified. Your backdash sucks and you should probably never use it. For Ibuki, smart backdash technology is vital to her defensive game.

It’s not just your opponent’s inability to defend, but how well you can mix them up. Of course Ibuki’s primary trait is her mixup game… she’s a rushdown character after all. The same could be said for any other rushdown character. If you get rid of CViper’s BK mixup and her high/low/throw mixup game, what does she have left? If you get rid of Rufus’s dive kick, what does he have left?

@Dime: as a former Cammy alt, I give mad respect to those Cammys that win her 4-6 matchups, such as Honda/Boxer/Guile. gl hf autopiloting against Charge Fighter 4.

Completely agree with what dime and mingo said
It’s ok to not like sako’s ibuki.But this is how she’s meant to be played and a character in general.Maximum damage,maximum stun.Like we didn’t know from the beggining that she was a mixup combo heavy character.Take those away and she’s left with her shitty footsies and of course she becomes low tier.
Basically the tsumuji loop can do much more damage and stun.Take abel for example.You can do 385 damage and 488 stun with the loops.That’s 131 more damage and 150 more stun,which is a huge difference for a character like ibuki who has shitty health and can be stunned by two easy combos from most of the characters.Or for example the mixup against akuma i posted in the mixup thread.Why not stun him in one mixup instead of three?
Do you think that if iyo and acqua had the gdlk execution of sako,they wouldn’t go for more execution heavy combos?These combos and mixups are not just for showing off(well a little,lol).Like i remember watching an iyo match and he had u2 stocked about to finish the game and instead of sjcing into ultra goes for untech knockdown,the opponenet blocks correctly and reversals him to win the game.Of course iyo is more solid compared to sako.He’s been playing her almost exclusively for a year and knows the matchups better.But even if i didn’t know that sako’s combos did more stun or damage,his ibuki is much more interesting to watch imo.

Nah Ibuki is pretty simple and boring to play sometimes to be honest. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. She just doesn’t require as much thought as some other characters do. Doing hard combos doesn’t mean the character is hard to play. In my opinion the hardest characters to play would have to be sim, makoto, gen, and akuma.
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my favorite ibuki to watch is motempests… i never get bored of ibuki cause i know that there is more i could be doing to win… like some motempest stuff that i never see outside of playing against him.

if ibuki bores you then MAYBE you should push yourself a bit more, or find better opponents. no character in this game is boring to me when playing against competent competition.

to be completely honest i stuck with ibuki cause i found her less boring than any other character regardless of my opponents level.


Well playing against better competition is never boring. But them again sometimes I wish I had a better walk speed, normals, or something to actually scare my opponent. Currently I’m putting a lot of effort into Makoto. I just feel like she is a better fit for me in this game. I mean Ibuki is only scary when she gets a knockdown after that all you got to do is block and her pressure is over.

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So I was browsing the Sonic Hurricane strategy section, reading all articles of interest, and came upon this: http://beingascrub.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/eyeballing-your-opponent/ which also linked to this Thelo's quick guide to reaction-based defense

So my question is, where do you look when playing?

After following the article’s advice and focusing on the spacing in between both players, my antiair reaction has skyrocketed, allowing me to ultra dive kicks on reaction, even online. Either that or I’ve been playing the newer recruits of the Yun/Yang army.

I used to focus only on the space in between both players, but once I got familiar with my character’s spacing/normals or my “sweet spot”, I focused only on the opponent.

Now, I focus on the opponent about 75% of the time and 25% on the space in between both players. I think. I haven’t give it much thought lately, and it’s kind of hard to gauge.

After reading a bit of the “quick guide to reaction…” about putting yourself in a position to react better, it reminded me of something a friend taught me about spacing. He calls it, “doubling up”, because you cover up the 2 situations where your opponent is either grounded or jumping in when you’re pressuring. The simplest example is Ryu doing cr.mk. If the opponent jumps in, you have enough time to react with a DP. If he doesn’t, then continue poking or cancel into fireball.

When Godsgarden first went online, I remember watching Sako do it live with Cammy. He’d walk up and pressure with tick throws or frame traps, and if they jumped, he did close st.hp as an anti-air.

I mostly play without my glasses, so the whole screen is a blur. Putting my glasses on (when I played at a tournament) completely messed me up. I also hate it when they use Japanese voices and mono sound =(.

Since I play best on a 7", I guess I look at the whole screen. haha

Did anybody see S03E09 of Gootecks/MikeRoss show? The terrible Ibuki is really making us look bad.





That was the best episode ever!!!

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I agree with Mingo on that episode. I felt embarrassed that some dude with poor sportsmanship that got exposed for thousands to see sorta represented Ibuki players at the same time =.=

I was watching this video:

Starting around 1:13, I thought it was Ibuki. But I think that’s ibuki’s friend Sarai(?) in the same outfit she wears. I jumped and thought it was Ibuki lol, am I the only one who thought of it?

yea i thought it was Ibuki to at first but then i realized she doesn’t have the long hair. Maybe there’s still hope for Ibuki being in sfxtekken =o

So I just played my first SF 3s match on GGPO. I picked Ryu cuz I was trying to figure out my buttons, and I went up against an Ibuki who meant business. He was doing overhead into SA and all this fancy stuff. lol

Ahhh no unblockables?

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I was so happy when I saw that cause I hoped it confirmed Ibuki NOT being in SFxTekken. Was extremely disappointed when I found out on IRC it wasn’t her lol.

You really hate Ibuki huh? Why don’t you play another character then?

Stuck with her from some low tier bet I made forever ago. We all picked terrible characters and I got stuck with Ibuki.

I dunno about you but I picked a character that I liked; a character that’s fun for me to play as. And by no means are you tethered to any one character. Picking another character is as easy as moving your stick more during the character select screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I can play like more than half the cast at a pretty high level. I don’t really like this game anymore anyways, don’t know if it’s just me getting bored of it, Yun, or what, but I can barely play this an hour a day if that.

Funny story. I actually remember the main reason for me not playing the SF3 series. I played it at some arcade randomly one day, didn’t even know the game existed. It just said “Three”. I went to go play it, wondered where all the characters went. Scrolled over to some ninja girl cause I thought she looked cool. Hated Ibuki ever since then, lmao.