Looking for Love: Ibuki General Discussion Thread

Lol just walk back and block until you find your opening or…

just mash dp

But Juicebox won’t let me mash dp all day. He usually punishes with like ultra :frowning:

Well this sucks. Stupid SF4 has a replay log limit of 30, so the first half of my ft50 is gone. No record of me playing his Juri, or any of my Ryu games.

I guess next time I play someone and plan to record it, it’ll have to be like a ft15 or something.

Hey 2 random questions about Ibuki who I just picked up this week.

  1. How close can you instant air kunai to the ground? (I get the kunai out at about the height of abel, feel like I can do it lower) Any tips on doing it better?

  2. Can you bait a throw using instant air Kunai, then use TC4?

Thanks in advanced people.

+1. Iyo is very good but I personnally think that Sako is even better (or at least, more pleasant to watch).
You have some nice vids with Sako in the last Nagoya Street Battle

THIS is how you manage a matchup against Dhalsim btw. Although, in my case, when I b.MP one of Dhalsim’s far range punches, I feel like I just saved the world, since I can put that only once in a while…

Oh, I have a question for you Ibuki gods: now that I’ve trained for an incredible amount of time with Ibuki, I can SJ Cancel almost anything, I could pull out some Tsumuji loops quite often during a fight, what’d you think is next in my “trying to be better than a punching ball” training?
I’m learning the most used safe jumps for Ibuki right now, using Izuna’s awesome guide and MingoDynasty’s awesome advices (thanks again guys), and also watching Xbox Live ranked matches (subscribed to a japanese named RYO ren who is kinda good… if not gdlk).
Should I now learn all the character-specific stuff? I very often loose agains Juri, Chunli or small hitbox characters because I’m too stupid to use an efficient combo and my usual combos whiff on them.
My future is up to you :smiley:

Wrong thread: Ibuki Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!
but whatever.

  1. Kind of close. I don’t have hard evidence, but it feels like something along the lines of Makoto’s IA Tsurugi. Practice doing cr.HP xx jump kunai. See the cr.HP xx jump kunai thread to see who it works on and at what spacing.

  2. Depends on spacing, but probably not. I doubt you’ll have enough frame advantage to even stay + frames on hit. Better to use f+MK to beat throws, imo.

Third again. Had to hold two large machine-guns with both arms.

Anything new?

edit: ooh I got a trophy for 25 likes

You mean push Dsim to the corner within 10 seconds of the round? Have gdlk reactions to EX neckbreaker almost every single fireball, even from like st.MK range? Hit tsumuji loops in every situation? And generally punish every button that Dsim tries to push?

Matchup is Ibuki favored anyways. You usually shouldn’t have a problem against Dsim unless you dunno wtf is going on.

Yep, gdlk reactions are what just impress me here. He’s able to b.MP every j.HP, I don’t know what kind of processor he’s got in his brain, but Intel shoud check it some day :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I worked a lot the Dhalsim matchup cause I hate this character so much, playing against people who baseically only backjump HP => teleport when they are in a bad position. Just learn to be prepared to his teleport should do the trick. Cross-up sj.MK works kinda well against him as far as I’ve played, even if I haven’t play any gdlk Dhalsim anyway. And now, I just love countering his HP long arms shit with a Raida. Not especially the best choice (and kinda hard to do) but I don’t know, it’s just the classiest punish I have with Ibuki ^^

Oh, little question by the way:


This one works kinda well, and I don’t find the timing especially hard to do, but my question is: if it beats 3f reversals such as Ryu’s DP, does it necessarily mean it also beats any kind of Reversal having more than 3f startup, not having invincibility frames? As far as I’ve tested yet, it looks like to beat Sagat’s tiger uppercut LP, MP and HP (not EX, but you’d land before his active frames anyway). I’m not 100% sure as I have ony figured this out against a Sagat friend who is a big DP reversal fan (and I’m happy to be able to shut him down with his reversal shit :P), but what’d you say about it?

Just have a little patience and you’ll most likely win in this matchup. Jump back HP is usually a very risky move for Dhalsim, in the sense that you can b+MP (like Sako does), or simply block and take screen space or maybe even Neckbreaker punish if he tries to do yoga sniper (instant jump back HP). Taking the screen space is usually enough because a cornered Dsim is a dead Dsim. If he’s teleport happy, again play patient and punish with cl.st.HK into whatever. cl.st.HK , cl.st.HK , HK kazegiri does really good damage/stun. Or you can use raida for the untechable knockdown. Or you can go into cl.st.HK mixups.

The video you posted is kind of misleading. Yes you’ll beat 3 frame reversals, but not autocorrects. And the setup is pretty obsolete now that we have unblockable setups. And if you really wanted to beat dp reversals, you can always just simply kunai vortex.

I do kunai vortex, don’t worry for that, but well, doing this cr.MP thing tends to lead my opponent to think that I won’t vortex him so he can happily mash his gdlk reversal, and will get stopped right after :slight_smile:
A lot of players who are not used to Ibuki (even good players in my experience) are very confused by the mixup possibilities. Basically they will wait for a classic kunai vortex, but seeing somebody having fun doing a cr.MP / HK / whatever you want makes them think we won’t vortex them. Then you have three kind of players: 1 - the one who know Ibuki, in this case you won’t surprise him, 2 - the one who doesn’t know, but just guards: have fun, 3 - the one who doesn’t know, and tries to DP you : have double fun.

It’s just my opinion, but I like my Ibuki to be as variable as possible, trying not to use twice the same setup in a row in order to prevent the opponent from reading it. I’m still very bad (1500 PP ftw :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I need some more training.

Oh, thanks for the tips about Dhalsim btw. I have a revenge to take against Fourch, a kinda good French player (he’s in RaGe team along with Saunic & Gagapa) who just ridiculized me with his Dhalsim last time :slight_smile:

I’ll go to a tournament tomorrow starring some top French players including Starnab (Fei Long), Cuongster (gdlk Yun :frowning: ) & Will2pac (Viper) so… I’ll try to follow your (and Izuna’s) advices to be able to play in a “not ridiculous way” :slight_smile:

If that’s all it takes to convince your opponent to mash dp, then just do whiff f+LK or something quick and then continue kunai vortex.

Most good players I play that have any idea what the Ibuki matchup is like will FA dash out of vortex, or at least try to.

Is there an index of unblockables somewhere? I only recall seeing a video of one after EX Neckbreaker on your channel and in Izuna’s guide. Is that the only one, or are there more?

As far as I know, she only has two. One off Neckbreaker, and the other off EX neckbreaker. I couldn’t find an easy way to time the Neckbreaker one, but the EX neckbreaker one is fairly easy. I’m sure Ibuki can get similar setups off the corner, but that’ll take time to research.

Ah, cool beans.

EX Neckbreaker timing is just a little bit after a medium command dash, correct?

And is the one off the regular neckbreaker similar, where’s it’s just a j.LK or a j.MK after a (hard to time) wait?

Something like that.

I tested the EX neckbreaker a little bit and it turns out you have to wait about 2-3 frames then jump.

My video is obsolete in ae due to the neckbreaker change

OMG I hate this game


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