Looking for M.Bison art

I cant seem to find an image of M.Bison, I am looking for the one from the online play screen in sf4 where hes holding the globe. I’d really like to use this as a wallpaper but can not find it anywhere, any help would be appreciated. thanks.

I made this with my capture card I hope it is what you are looking for:


honestly i like this one the best for background though


That is the image im looking for I appreciate you taking the time to screen cap the image for me. Could you PM me a link to a higher resolution version of it?

Here’s a 720p one I capped.

Enlarged it to 1080p


dayyyyum Tony-san, it looks better than the actual thing! Wow…

My capture card doesn’t go up to 1080p, it does 1080i which is interlaced so its kinda grainy or scanliney. The 720p enlarged looks just as fine though, I did a slight touch up on the colors so it is probably okay for joystick template and/or desktop wallpaper.

I was so surprised I couldn’t find this anywhere on the net. Seems like it’d be easiliy available since its in-game art. Anywho thanks again for the up!

well on the topic of backgrounds, this is one of my wallpapers for my two monitors:

its true dimensions are 3840x1200 but either photobucket or srk downsized it a smidge.

http://wallbase.cc/ they have what you need i’m sure

that art is godlike

i myself am trying to find a pic of bison wearing his black clothes for my avatar, cant find any what so ever.