Looking for Madcatz stick for good price. Buy or Trade

As stated, I’m looking for a fightstick for relatively cheap. Pm me if you’ve got one. Thanks

TE or SE?
Xbox or ps3 or both?

People won’t know what you’re looking for exactly. It’ll help specify.

Xbox 360. As far as what it is, I’m just looking for a fairly good one (ex. Not a brawl stick or a cheap hori. The reason I need one now is cause my hori stick’s parts are starting to go loose.) It might not have to be a madcatz stick either so long as it’s good quality. I’d love to track down one of the tournament ed. but that’s like trying to find a specific blade of grass in a plain so I wont shoot so high.

Buy a brawl stick for 30 bucks at a gamestop and mod it.

TE stick in a smaller case for like 85 bucks. Check Tech Talk for detailed walk through.

If your parts are getting loose then why not just replace those specifically. For replacement parts, just hit up http://www.focusattack.com/ and buy a new JLF and new buttons. Or, you could just tighten up the ones that you have already and save a bunch of money. Trust, its a much better/cheaper alternative to buying a whole new stick.

Or you could do like Solder suggested and hit up Tech-Talk: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/tech-talk.6/

Wait so you aren’t interested in the madcatz SE sticks but don’t have hopes of getting a TE? What exact model do you want?

I’m unsure of how to mod a fightstick and would be to afraid to buy one and then screw up and waste money. On the other hand sending it to someone just to make it playable is expensive and takes time.

Sounds like a pickle. Good luck with that one!

Nothing really wrong with the brawl stick. The parts in them are much better quality than the old SE’s parts.