Looking for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 opponents on XBox LIVE!

My gamer tag is: Vergil Talbain, spelled exactly like that. If you’re interested then leave your gamer tag here for me or send a friend request and message to my inbox. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

do u play low-tier or high tier

neither, I play the characters that I like from each side depending on their series. But, MY skills are around the intermediate level so if you see me pick Magneto, Psylocke, or Storm on one of my many teams you don’t have to feel threatened. I’m still in the beginning stages of learning infinites for that matter.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind some friendly matches. Add me my gt: lll Jank lll I’m usually on after 3. Peace

Add me, gt: DELTAazut

hope you guys dont mind, I sent from FRs. I am learning but dont mind playing either way!

Sorry everyone! I lost track of this thread, but I’ll start adding everyone right away. Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

What’s your gamer tag?

dont play delta hes a scrub :stuck_out_tongue:

ill play you in some games if you dont mind spiral DanVDT

TheStreetzKing I put it in the matchmaking thread and forgot to here lol, ill be on late tonight and all day tomorrow

Hey, a Spiral player! Nah, I don’t mind Spiral as I have her in two of my teams myself :slight_smile:

All right, I got you man. I’ll most likely meet you for some matches tomorrow :slight_smile:

sounds good as long as you know im horrible :wink: haha but any help is appreciated!!

Big shout outs to Azut (DELTAazut) for whooping my ass last night and teaching me some things! Will be on a good chunk of today so hit me up!