Looking for Matte/textured ball tops & button tops


Do Matte/textured ball-top & button tops exist? I have been searching online for some time now.
I am looking for these or something like this. I don’t like the polished/glossy top’s as they stick to hands which causes errors and collects sweat residue in the worst kinda way, I always have to clean in between sessions. I would be happy with or willing to settle to something similar to the texture/surface of the sanwa bat-tops.


the wooden balltops for sale during evo were kinda textured. there have also been custom wooden plungers made, none for sale now though. i don’t know of any textured plastic manufactured buttons or balltops, it’s an interesting idea nonetheless


You can always try to Plasti-Dip a balltop, though that wouldn’t work for a pushbutton. That would get you a matte, rubberized surface.

On the flipside, you can try using some sandpaper or whatever else and sand off the smooth polished surface.


awhile back i remember someone just wetsanded a meshball to knock off the gloss and give it a matte finish.


Thanks for the input but, no no no to plasti and rubberized surface, that is the complete opposite to what I am looking for. As rubber surfaces do exactly the same as gloss and even more so in a worse kinda way. Razer peripherals are a good example of known problems when adding rubber or plasti to peripherals, they collect sweat residue/grime, all the lint, hair, gets gooey in warm temperatures and eventually peels off. I am also not looking for that feel.

Overall I think I am being misunderstood with what I am looking for. I am looking for hardplastic, matte, coarse/rough like surface very similar to the sanwa battops (would like it slightly more coarse), if they can do it for a battop why not a balltop? I just wanna add that I am looking for this on how something feels in my hand not aesthetics.


Does sanwa denshi.co take special orders, has anyone tried?


If that’s the look you want, you’ll have to get it done yourself. Either with molding it yourself, or simply sanding it down with a coarse sandpaper or something. Or take the balltop, and run it through a sand-blaster. That would probably get you the look/feel that you want.

You’re not gonna find any official releases like that. And obviously Sanwa will not make special orders.


Sanwa would if you are willing to make a order of approx a few thousand Ball tops.


Interesting. Good to know.

Seeing as how the OP doesn’t seem to want to sand/sandblast a balltop themselves (which, done right, WILL give the desired effect), I guess getting a few thousand balltops is an acceptable alternative.


There is some nuances I did leave out, like finding a regular customer of Sanwa that has not just the contacts but the working relationship with Sanwa so that Sanwa would be more receptive too.
I also don’t know if going to Seimitsu or even Happ be the better choice in the matter.

There are a few people here like Butteroj and Sugar Kane that made their own Ball tops.

Actually I wonder, @Butteroj is it feasible for you to make matte and/or textured ball-top?
Like the finish that the Sanwa Bat Tops have?


I did sand some black buttons and a balltop down but I could never get the finish 100% consistent no matter how much I sanded with any grit. I got it really close, but as soon as you touch the buttons they get splotchy with hand oils. Maybe a matte clear coat would stop that oil… not sure.
Also doubt that plastidip would hold up for any length of time on a ball top. Maybe if you did the actual dip version and not the spray.

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Have you considered the aluminum ball tops that focus attack sells? they look matte…



Those are the same ones Paradise sells. They are matte and they are slightly textured.

OP could use a clear matte like what @TRiXWoN‌ stated. But for textured, you’d need to then dip it into something clear such as clear plastic silica balls or glitter or something of that nature. Coat the clear once sticky to the touch, wait for it to dry. Then put a very light clear coat over that, and wait for it to cure for a month.

Of course, without a DIY approach the OP won’t get jack shit.

@Darksakul‌ yeah, a “few” thousand orders of about 10 to 20 thousand buttons.


LoL @ OP disagreeing with things that are absolutely feasible options. Go ahead, disagree with me. It’s ok. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.


Why do the work yourself when you can buy 20,000 ball tops to order?

Fuck Tech Talk right?


lol OP just asked if sanwa did custom orders, you don’t need to jump on his nuts.


First, it seems you are only one who is ignorant and lack reading comprehension because if you knew anything about just sanding plastic it doesn’t come close to what I am describing. Way to come off like a total tool.

On the other hand moonchilde made an interesting suggestion, that actually makes sense to what I am looking for. Also if the aluminum balls have some sort of texture to them I would most likely give it a try.

lastly, I wouldn’t mind buying a gross or two from a special order if that what it takes, it’s not like I cant sell them right? Because the internet completely hinders the possibility of me doing that right, fuck off internet attention whores who need to pad their post count.

p.s. if anyone knows any plastic/toy(doesnt have to be sanwa or any of the other arcade manufacturers) manufacturers that would do something like this please inform me!


1 Gross or 12 Dozen or 144 is not enough. We are talking a custom order of THOUSANDS, more on the lines of 10,000 Ball tops must be ordered.
You got enough Cash to finance 10,000 custom ball tops? And that assuming they will even listen to you.


Yeah about that. Good luck getting a answer out of folks again.


You’re so narrow minded, it doesn’t have to be sanwa or a major manufacturer. Stop padding your post cost.

You speak for the entire forum and community right? You’ll be doing me a favor by you and others like you to never answer or make a post.
Like that will ever happen “must increase post count, derp” Go find another thread to spam/pad your count.


No one said it would be impossible to get a manufacturer to make exactly what you want.
@Darksakul was warning you of the lengths you’d have to go to to get a well respected arcade part manufacturer such as sanwa to produce an order for you.

Insulting other users when they are simply trying to provide you with help serves no purpose other than to create hostility which is not what anyone wants.

I wish you the best of luck in getting what you want, but you would do well to recognise when people are trying to help you rather than pad out their post count.


Enough with these off topic posts, please. If you are gonna make these type of moral compass post’s you should really read the entire thread and you will clearly see I was being insulted and patronized just because I disagreed with certain suggestions, wanted to order custom parts and seem more interested in buying a custom part rather than making something of my own. I think a lot failed to realize what I was asking for and in the end, me trying to produce this on my own will most likely cost a lot more then me buying the parts from a custom shop or if this existed from a store.